Posted September 7, 2012 02:29 pm - Updated September 7, 2012 04:32 pm

Ghost hunters seek help

We get calls and emails all the time from people in the entertainment business seeking interesting tips or new venues to show the wilder side of Alaska. Never, though, have I been asked to find a ghost.

The Syfy network has a show called "Haunted Collector," and if you have a ghost, they want to hear from you.

Specifically, "we are seeking current homeowners/ business owners who want the paranormal activity at their location to stop," wrote Supervising producer Jennifer Hutchins.

Here are some of the trouble signs they sent along:

*  Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?

(My advice — close the blinds.)

*  Have guests witness (sic) unexplained activity?

(Well, in my house many activities are unexplained, particularly with two cats and a dog. Ghostly manifestations would probably be attributed to the mastiff mix chasing the cat that thinks she's a dog.)

*  Do you, or others, feel unsafe in the home or business?

(If I haven't done my chores or a bear is coming into the laundry room, yes.)

*  Do you hear strange noises and voices?

(Yes. They're called neighbors. It's a fourplex with thin ceilings.)

*  Do objects move by themself (sic)?

(How easy would tidying-up the house be if that were the case?)

*  Is this activity affecting your life or business in a negative way?

(If so, imagine how many MORE customers — and what kind —  will turn up if they see on TV that your shop is haunted by the wandering spirit of an ax murderer, or an energy-sucking shadow creature.)


I referred the producer to a friend up in Talkeetna who just wrote a book on hauntings. One of the spooky places my friend wrote about was my old family cabin, which folks in town called "The Murder Cabin" but we called "Talkeetna Landings B&B." Were it really haunted, I certainly would have made that part of our marketing campaign.

The place is a rambling log cabin made of two structures unceremoniously joined in the early 1970s. One was built around 1930 and inhabited by a bitter old gold miner who lost his fortune earned in the Klondike to a bad marriage and unfortunate business dealings. He finally lost his mind and started chasing kids off his property with a hatchet. A deputized citizen put him into an Anchorage sanitarium. The new owners of the little cabin were chopped up near their gold claim north of Talkeetna  along with their hired hand. Thus, "The murder cabin." The F.B.I. never did find the killer or killers.

The other part of the house was from the 1950s. It served as a barn, a jail, a boarding house for young ladies from up the tracks, and at one point was used to store the bodies of dead climbers who didn't complete their treks up and down Denali or Foraker. No idea why the locals think it could be haunted. When we bought it from my mother-in-law about seven years ago she put in a disclaimer about "unearthly spirits" that might inhabit the place. Her Realtor said she had to. So did mine (small village, same Realtor.) My disclaimer was worded less artfully, a notice that some people say the place is haunted but I have never seen the ghost.

The front door did have the odd habit of opening itself, but a better latch would solve that problem. A tenant said he fixed it.  (The door would open, and the dogs would sit there and stare at it instead of running outside. I never did train them to just shut the door.)

Relatives who lived there before me swear things jumped off shelves, that the cellar door creaked open, that footsteps were heard on the second floor when no one was there and that their animals refused to go down in the cellar. A former tenant even told an author that a jellybean floated across the upstairs bedroom.

We enjoyed almost six years there in a rustic, warm home (warm is important at 40 below) where the only mischief was caused by kids, dogs or cats. (And some crazy B&B guests from Russia, who are another story entirely.)

So, if unlike me, you have an unwanted spirit that does not reside in a bottle, the instructions for contacting "Haunted Collector" are below.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Juneau Empire take responsibility for spirits that may get riled up or seek agents after all the extra attention, or for how your neighbors might look at you on the street after your episode airs.


                                          HAUNTED HOMES OR BUSINESSES WANTED
                                 STAR IN A POPULAR TV SHOW - NATIONAL EXPOSURE!

Syfy’s hit series “Haunted Collector” is searching NATIONWIDE for homes or businesses with a paranormal problem YOU would like investigated!
*  Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?
*  Have guests witness unexplained activity?
*  Do you, or others, feel unsafe in the home or business?
*  Are you a paranormal skeptic but looking for answers?
*  Do you hear strange noises and voices?
*  Do objects move by themself?
*  Is this activity affecting your life or business in a negative way?

If this sounds like your home or business, or someone you know, we’d like to hear from you!

For priority consideration, please email ALL the information requested below ASAP to:

Be sure to include:
1.    Name (first & last)
2.    City and state
3.    Contact information.
4.    Describe the location (home, business, or other)
5.    Are you the owner of the location?   If not, would the current owner allow filming?
6.    Describe the unexplained phenomena (e.g. apparitions, shadows, been touched, voices, etc.)
7.    Why do you want help?
8.    Are you aware of any history that may relate? (e.g. former owner was murdered)
9.    Photo(s) of yourself and the location (int & ext)
10.    Photo (s) of objects you think are creepy, mysterious, foreign…. Maybe could be attached to a spirit (e.g. something left behind by former owner who was murdered, etc)





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