Time for a change

I am 21, I don’t have any sort of criminal record, I work, I love the outdoors and Southeast Alaska. The reason I am writing you is because yesterday and today (May 1 and May 2) have been pretty rough for me. I guess you could say it begins with police and ends with our corrupt system and society.

Tuesday, I was walking with a good friend of mine, Talon (Lobaugh), many of you probably know him or read about him in the Empire this afternoon. While we were walking he was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Then earlier today, while under arrest at the court house, he escaped briefly. First of all, him having to go back to jail is awful and him getting caught trying to escape again will make his jail time longer. Now he’s in the paper and just like when he was arrested and in jail before, I’m sure he will be “made an example of.”

Basically, what this means to me is that a good friend of mine is going to have more of his youth and life taken away. Why? The only reason I can think of is punishment. He is not a bad person — he has problems. we all have problems. He just happens to be caught (or was put) in a loop. So what do we all think this punishment is going to do? Why are we doing it? Well, what I think is that it is going to leave him with more problems. We are taking people who have problems, putting them in jail to punish them, creating more problems in their lives and then letting them out of jail. And repeat.

Talon is not bad and I know positively he does not deserve to go to jail. If anything, what Talon needs, like most people, is good, local, fresh, healthy food, to be creative and productive, to realize we are all connected, to go outside in nature every day, to be respectful and not wasteful, and to be a part of a community that cares about each other.

He needs to be a part of a community that cares — cares in a way that when someone has a problem they are not punished for it, but given help, love and understanding. That is not in our jail system, government run by males whose job is physical force and control, i.e. police. We all need to be a part of a community that realizes we are all connected, so when one person is being hurt we all are hurt, when one person is abusive we are all abusive by letting it happen, when we take from the earth we are taking from ourselves.

On another note, three other friends of mine were abused by police May 1 as well. They are three young Juneauites, all 20, all living in Seattle and all are part of the Occupy/99% movement. They were walking in the street in a big protest yesterday, all they did all day was walk and stand, yet they were either beaten or arrested.

I say things are about due for a change.

Holly Rose Adams



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