Alea Oien takes top prize at Gold Rush Days

Veronica Friend leaps over a log during the Women’s Choker Setter contest at the 27th Annual Gold Rush Days Competition at Savikko Park on Sunday, June 18, 2017. (Michael Penn | Juneau Empire)

Alea Oien took home another top prize from Gold Rush Days, coming out as the best female miner and Babe of the Woods in the annual competition of mining and logging skills. The men’s events were split by Eddie Petrie, named Best Male Miner, and Ryan Friend, named Bull of the Woods.


The annual tug of war between loggers and miners went to the miners this year.

Competition Results

Best Female Miner

Alea Oien

Best Male Miner

Eddie Petrie

Babe of the Woods

Alea Oien

Bull of the Woods

Ryan Friend

All-Around Resource

Alea Oien

Tug of War: Loggers vs. Miners


Mining Competitions, Saturday

Men’s Jackleg Drilling

1st place, Eddie Petrie, 2:15:35

2nd place, Jeremy Whitmore, 2:21:53

3rd place, Dave Sullivan, 2:22:86

Men’s Spike Driving

1st place, Ryan Friend, 0:40:60

2nd place, Eddie Petrie, 0:44:97

3rd place, Whit Adams, 0:49:19

Women’s Spike


1st place, Alea Oien, 0:24:80

2nd place, Jan Trigg, 0:34:88

3rd place, Andrea Pertie, 0:38:19

Men’s Hand Mucking

1st place, Eddie Petrie, 0:50:69

2nd place, Whit Adams, 0:57:12

3rd place, Jesse Stringer, 1:22:85

Women’s Hand


1st place, Alea Oien, 0:40:81

2nd place, Verinica Friend, 0:53:28

3rd place, Ursula Whitmore, 0:54:99

Men’s 12B Overshot


1st place, Michael Martin, 0:24:91

2nd place, Kirk Ziegenfugg, 0:26:36

3rd place, Jeremy Whitmore, 0:31:25

Team Drilling-1

1st place, Dave Sullivan, 2:24:44

2nd place, Jeremy Whitmore, 2:31:19

3rd place, Gabriel Meachum, 2:38:50

Team Drilling-2

1st place, Darrin Quimby, 2:24:44

2nd place, Eddie Petrie, 2:31:19

3rd place, Alea Olen, 2:38:50


Hand Mucking

1st place, Allesandra Friend, 18

2nd place, Kaidree Hartman, 24

3rd place, Marlee Ann Smith, 24

Teens’ Spike Driving1st place, Jakob Rosenbruch, 0:42:38

Teens’ Hand Mucking

1st place, Dalton Hoy, 0:43:56

2nd place, Jakob Rosenbruch, 0:47:50

3rd place, Duane Harwell, 0:47:51

Logging Competitions, Sunday

Women’s Axe


1st place, Alea Oien, 9 points

2nd place, Andrea Petrie, 8

3rd place, Veronica Friend, 6

Men’s Axe Throwing

1st place, Animal Austin, 13 points

2nd place, Dominic Hoy, 11

3rd place, Daniel Gibb, 9

Women’s Team Hand


1st place, Alea Oien, 0:40:47

2nd place, Veronica Friend, 0:46:13

3rd place, Andrea Petrie, 01:34:56

Women’s Team Hand


1st place, Jan Trigg, 0:40:47

2nd place, Ursula Whitmore, 0:46:13

3rd place, April Hoy, 01:34:56

Men’s Team Hand


1st place, Jeremy Whitmore, 0:24:84

2nd place, Dominic Hoy, 0:37:16

3rd place, Danny Gibb, 0:43:03

Men’s Team Hand


1st place, Eddie Petrie, 0:24:84

2nd place, Ryan Friend, 0:37:16

3rd place, Mike Shaw, 0:43:03

Women’s Stock Power

Saw Bucking

1st place, Alea Oien, 0:49:12

2nd place, April Hoy, 1:17:28

3rd place, Veronica Friend, 2:06:94

Men’s Stock Power

Saw Bucking

1st place, Dominic Hoy, 1:00:03

2nd place, Ryan Friend, 1:01:37

3rd place, Animal Austin, 1:01:66

Women’s Speed


1st place, Veronica Friend, 22:25

2nd place, Alea Oien, 26:63

3rd place, April Hoy, 1:07:50

Men’s Vertical


1st place, Ryan Friend, 0:40:43

2nd place, Dominic Hoy, 0:44:42

3rd place, Animal Austin, 0:46:95

Men’s Speed Climbing

1st place, Animal Austin, 0:23:57

2nd place, Jesse Ross, 0:31:15

3rd place, Jesse Stringer, 2:00:00

Jack and Jill Team Hand Bucking-1

1st place, Ryan Friend, 0:27:57

2nd place, Eddie Petrie, 0:27:84

3rd place, Alea Oien, 0:30:93

Jack and Jill Team Hand Bucking-2

1st place, Veronica Friend, 0:27:57

2nd place, Andrea Petrie, 0:27:84

3rd place, Jesse Stringer, 0:30:93

Women’s Choker

Setter Race

1st place, Alea Oien, 0:20:76

2nd place, Veronica Friend, 0:23:81

3rd place, Ursula Whitmore, 0:31:75

Choker Setter &Hook Tender Relay-1

1st place, Ryan Friend, 1:00:00

2nd place, Jeremy Whitmore, 1:03:06

3rd place, Danny Gibb, 1:20:10

Choker Setter &Hook

Tender Relay-2

1st place, Jesse Ross, 1:00:00

2nd place, Eddie Petrie, 1:03:06

3rd place, Mike Shaw, 1:20:10

Women’s Obstacle

Pole Buck

1st place, Alea Oien, 0:56:57

2nd place, Veronica Friend, 1:02:22

3rd place, Ursula Whitmore, 1:57:41

Men’s Obstacle

Pole Buck

1st place, Ryan Friend, 0:19:55

2nd place, Animal Austin, 0:22:10

3rd place, Dominic Hoy, 0:24:47

Men’s Horizontal


1st place, Animal Austin, 0:23:03

2nd place, Dominic Hoy, 0:27:97

3rd place, Ryan Friend, 0:38:88

Women’s Horizontal Chopping

1st place, Alea Oien, 1:08:85

2nd place, Veronica Friend, 1:47:98

3rd place, April Hoy, 2:11:79

Women’s Log Rolling

1st place, Veronica Friend

2nd place, Ursula Whitmore

3rd place, Alea Oien

Men’s Log Rolling

1st place, Animal Austin

2nd place, Ryan Friend

3rd place, Eddie Petrie

Children’s Choker

Setter Race

1st place, Allesandra Friend, 0:11:21

2nd place, Melissa Maxwell, 0:11:46

3rd place, Harrison Holt, 0:11:94

Teen’s Choker

Setter Race

1st place, Dalton Hoy, 0:23:00

2nd place, Allison Hoy, 0:24:66

3rd place, Fenton Alah-Simon Jim, 0:26:56


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