Beware intellectual pride

Wally Olson submitted a My Turn column (“What is the theory of evolution?”) that was printed in the Aug. 21 Empire to which I would like to respond.


Olson’s letter first attempts to build a good case for the theory of evolution and then he unilaterally dismisses all other beliefs as “folklore.” First and foremost, Olson asserts that the theory of evolution is not a belief. This could not be further from the truth as the theory of evolution is absolutely a belief. It has never been proven nor do I believe ever will be. Olson states that the theory of evolution “is an acceptance by those who have questioned, challenged and tested the explanation.”

I assume he is referring to the scientific community. I would encourage Olson to watch the movie “No Intelligence Allowed” by Ben Stein. It is a movie about many scientists who, through their varying research into a diverse array of scientific fields, have found such complexity and variety in what they were researching (their scientific search for the truth) that they came to the conclusion that what they found simply could not be a result of time and/or chance.

While many of these scientists have not embraced the notion of a supreme, omnipotent God who created the universe, they do believe that the universe is not the result of chance but at the very least is the result of intelligent design. I believe this obviously leads to the fact that there then has to be an intelligent designer. Almost to a person, when they began to publish their belief in intelligent design, these scientists began to be ostracized and ridiculed by the very scientific community that had before respected and heaped accolades upon their work. Many were either denied tenure at their colleges or their employment was terminated outright. The very last scene in the movie has Stein interviewing Richard Dawkins, probably the best known atheist in the world. Under intensive questioning from Stein, Dawkins ultimately states he really doesn’t have a clue how life originated on Earth but then postulates that perhaps a super intelligent alien race from a far off planet came and planted life on Earth. This explanation makes far more sense than a creator we call God. I quote 1 Corinthians 1:21 (Weymouth New Testament) “For after the world by its wisdom — as God in His wisdom had ordained — had failed to gain the knowledge of God, God was pleased, by the apparent foolishness of the Message which we preach, to save those who accepted it.”

Beware intellectual pride.

I also take exception to Olson’s characterization of my Christian belief of creation as “folklore.” There are hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth that do not believe in evolution but in an omnipotent God who created our universe. As far as evidence, I can only point to the billions of lives radically changed by Jesus over the past couple of millennia. I personally can testify to my own life being changed by Jesus from 30 years of addiction to alcohol and drugs to a clean and sober life for almost 10 years now. What if my savior Jesus I believe in is not truth? Then I will have lived out my life with more joy and peace than I ever thought possible. But what if what I believe is true and Jesus is alive, as is God? What does that mean for you?

• Lawson is a Juneau resident.


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