My Turn: Take ANCSA back to the Supreme Court for a refund

What does it take to make a believer out of anyone who has never experienced disentitlement or complete loss of a settlement won in the court of law? A loss held captive to monetary gains of a selected few called Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Board Members who well never surrender their control of their given cash cow called stewardship. Do we as a tribe relinquish our power to this corporate world with non-indigenous people speaking and acting on our behalf?

Co-management of a ghost entitlement will be sporadically felt as the years pass but not the full blunts of ownership as past life experiences has given us in the past 40 years. Calling themselves stewards to an entitlement won in the Supreme Court of the land we know as United States of America?

Can this government-forced entity force us as for-profit shareholders to entitle them as our true leaders for the betterment of a recognize tribe, allowing the Board members to speak and act for us as our nucleus when it comes to leadership?

Corporate laws forced upon us as an entitlement labeling us as for-profit shareholders for the past 40 years. An entity forced on 225 recognize tribes plummeting these said tribal members into a society as foreign to all as stewardship is to contemporize traditions which can never come to be because of the complete failure of their given stewardship. Corporate boards who backhandedly try to adjust the given environment change through drop labels hoping the federal Government will recognize them as a tribe is a travesty and an insult to all 225 recognize tribes, tribal members. The 225 recognized tribes face full genocide through a system that has relinquished their hold onto an entitlement to a group of people whom believe it’s their Government-given duty to withhold this entitlement from the intended collective owners perpetually. Sending out letters to shareholders addressing for-profit shareholders as tribal shareholders must come to an immediate stop.

Forced entities such as ANSCA have full intent to take over our tribal business by addressing tribal members/tribal shareholders. We must put a stop to this genocidal act done by the people who have no intentions of ever giving back the power held in land ownership.

All of this greed, withheld from the people who have a history of ownership of their own environment for the past 10,000 years, done for their own good. Really?

In 40 years these board members of a forced entity have continuously lead a false envelopment it will end with full ownership of this so called won entitlement for the betterment of all.

Whereas, the ruefulness of their idea of full ownership for their for profit shareholders is actually a concealment of their true intentions. The board members’ full intentions are to withhold all of the won entitlement for eternity at the cost of the children and grandchildren. With no regret on their part for failing to show why in 40 years the only advancement shown to the homeless/landless for-profit shareholders’ is their own pockets of upper co-management.

Constraints are enforced only by board members, who have nothing to gain by abiding by the true owners of this entitlement to disperse of their land back to them from a forced entity called a corporation for profit (ANSCA), and everything to lose if they did their job to make it right and distribute land back to the true owners of this land called Alaska.

Regretful is not in their vocabulary when it comes to losing their cush jobs as board members of over 30-plus years.

Let us as tribal members detain from the grasp of a for-profit corporation our leadership and entitlement back to us as tribal members. Tribal members are indigenous people who practice their values with their clansmen/women as tradition calls for. Once and for all we as recognized tribes need to petition the United States Supreme Court that we as 225 recognized tribal members demand our entitlement of a forced entity gone astray for the last 40 years to be put back into our hands. I think we need to hold onto our sovereignty to our dying day as we have in the past allowing the tribe to entrust people to this task for which they have been raised from history. Linage which reaches into time encasing leadership for the betterment of all tribes must keep our tradition alive. Regain full ownership of our traditional land and allow all 225 tribes to co-exist and co-mingle with freedom entitled to all by the Bill of Rights.

• A Tribal member of Teikweidei/ Brown Bear house, Kawuts.Yusien/ Daniel Brown is a Local 302 member for 37 years and counting and a forced shareholder-for profit of Sealaska/ Huna Totem.


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