Runners blister Treadwell Trails at Capital City Invitational

Falcons dynamic duo top girls field, Crimson Bears power through boys run

Thunder Mountain High School junior Naomi Welling and freshman Erin Wallace took the Juneau Invitational High School Cross Country meet by storm on Saturday on the Treadwell Mine Trails, winning the girls race in 19 minutes 49.63 seconds and 19 minutes 54.53 seconds, respectively, and Juneau-Douglas High School senior Riley Moser kept the boys field at bay with a 17 minute and 12.77 second win.


“I feel really happy,” Moser said. “I thought that being sick yesterday would really slow me down, but I was able to wrangle up some energy today and it made me feel really good out there.”

Thorne Bay twins Clint and Austin Thomas and Skagway’s Dominique Foote took a brief sprint lead on the boy’s field but the pack consumed them entering the trails and Moser coasted into the lead at the first hill, roughly a mile in.

“I needed to run my race so I just sped up,” Moser said. “I attacked the hills and sprinted on the downhills. My best results are if I start out pretty conservative and then when I feel comfortable I speed up and keep speeding up throughout the race and try to hold them off and keep the distance.”

Welling and Wallace shot into the lead at the girls race roughly one mile inside the trails.

“I am tired,” Welling said. “I just went out and wanted to give my best and it was helpful to have Erin there and we worked together to both get (personal record)s, so that was exciting.”

Defending 1/2/3A region champion, Taylee Nyquest from Thorne Bay set the pace early in the girl’s race, blistering out in a sprint at the starter’s gun that led to a 10-pace gap in the quarter mile.

“It was just nerves,” Nyquest said. “I think that is pretty typical for me, coming out pretty hard. I didn’t do much training over the summer so I knew that I wouldn’t be expecting to improve so much from last year but it leaves lots of room for improvement for this season, which is good.”

While the Thorne Bay boys field a team, Nyquest is the lone Wolverines girl runner this season and running solo in a field of competitive teams can be difficult.

“The field made for an awesome experience,” Nyquest said. “Even if I wasn’t at my peak. And the season will be fun.”

The Falcons are without top senior runner Madie Hall and freshman Ronnie Salter and, while both are expected back this season, Welling and Wallace provided a potent running combination.

“It is Taylee’s strategy to sprint out,” Welling said. “We expected that a little bit.”

Added Wallace, “It was an exciting race. Passing Taylee was, like, ‘Oh my gosh I passed Taylee and I am in second, this is pretty exciting.’ I got under 20 minutes and that was exciting.”

Juneau-Douglas won the girls title with 61 points, Petersburg was second with 75, Ketchikan third at 79, Wrangell 89, Thunder Mountain 100, Sitka 143, Mt. Edgecumbe 153 and Craig 172.

Juneau did not have a girl in the top five but when they arrived they came in droves.

“It is key to continue our pack running,” JDHS coach Merry Ellefson said. “They each need to start pushing each other.”

Crimson Bears juniors Maddy Handley and Katline Barrows led that JDHS pack.

“I felt really strong out there,” JDHS’ Barrows said. “I put my whole entire heart out into it and I just felt great, emotionally strong compared to last season, and my legs felt great so I pushed myself and tried to push the rest of my team. It was really fun.”

Ellefson noted that sophomores Jessie Gregg and Claire Uchytil, and senior Rachel Rivers were ready to take a turn at the lead.

“It is just really moving together as they all get stronger together,” Ellefson said. “They are in a good pack right now.”

Petersburg coach Tommy Thompson said he was surprised, impressed and speechless at the Vikings’ results.

“And, as our girls will tell you, I am rarely speechless,” Thompson said. “Cross country is such a team sport, you don’t have to finish first or second as an individual runner to have an impact on the team. I am so proud of our runners. We need to stay healthy and just maintain the course. The kids are working so hard right now, every single day, when I ask them to do something they go out and do it without question. It is just about maintaining what they have been doing so far.”

The competition level among the various school sizes proved to be a compliment to the top individual runners and provided the various teams with added motivation.

“We think of Haines, Skagway, Metlakatla and Craig as the same competition as Sitka, but, in these races we are also going against Thunder Mountain, Juneau-Douglas and Ketchikan,” Thompson said. “They give us that extra incentive. I love the fact we are running against Thorne Bay and Juneau-Douglas, I think that is how Southeast should still be, I love that we get to go after Riley (Moser) and we get to go after Taylee (Nyquest), that makes it really fun. That is the nice thing about cross country.”

On the boy’s team title side, JDHS won with 19 points, Sitka had 78, Ketchikan 79, Thunder Mountain 96, Petersburg 122, Wrangell 149 and Craig 163.

Sitka sophomore Colin Baciocco was just off Moser’s pace and placed second in 17 minutes 31.44 seconds.

“I really liked having people to follow and kind of pull me forward instead of being pushed by someone from behind,” Baciocco said. “I really would have liked to beat Riley in this race but I guess I will have to wait to do that eventually and hope that he doesn’t graduate before then. That is my goal and I think it helps me. I started this race hoping to get a best time and I think this season I am more acclimated to the sport.”

Crimson Bears senior Johnny Elliott was just 20 seconds off Moser’s finish and junior Brian Holst caught sophomore teammate Ethan Goebel at the finish with sophomore Russell Healy just behind. JDHS junior Harrison Bibb made a bid for a top seven finish before being edged out by Ketchikan’s Sylvan Blankenship, Thunder Mountain’s Michael Lohrey and Sitka’s William Borcy.

“You could see that our guys really took turns, from their time trials last week, at the finish again,” Ellefson said. “Riley had a pretty great race here today but it is really about keeping these guys continuing to improve and stay injury-free and healthy. They are running really hard right now so we have to be stair-stepping each weekend at a time.”

The Falcons’ Lohrey set his team’s pace while sophomore Jacob Campbell, junior Obadiah Dawson, senior Brendan Pietz, sophomore William Wallace and junior Ben Landes kept a pack in the second wave of finishers.

The Crimson Bears and Falcons also have a second pack of runners that continue to push the varsity seven and can fluctuate in and out of the varsity rotation for scoring.

“Just knowing the course was key,” Thunder Mountain coach Scott May said. “Running it last week helped so we were able to preview it. They ran internally, they didn’t run against people today, they were just doing body scans and making sure they were strong. It didn’t matter who was in front or behind them, they were just running against themselves and beat their times from last week. Like Naomi (Welling) and Erin (Wallace), they were running internally and they felt good. It was very encouraging and a good sign. The team keeps working together and the focus is on personal gains and they all did better than they did last weekend. With the level of competition it is going to be another really exciting region meet, it is going to be so close among the teams, just like last year.”

Juneau Invitational Cross Country Meet -

Girls 5k Results:

1, Welling, Naomi, TMHS, 19:49.63. 2, Wallace, Erin, TMHS, 19:54.53. 3, Nyquest, Taylee, TB, 20:03.48. 4, Rodanhisler, Erika, KTN, 21:23.99. 5, Hutten, Reyn, WRG, 22:40.13. 6, Jenson, Amy, WRG, 22:42.54. 7, Handley, Maddy, JDHS, 22:42.83. 8, Cooper, Kimberly, WRG, 22:47.83. 9, Eddy, Kayleigh, PSG, 23:07.34. 10, Barrows, Katline, JDHS, 23:07.97. 11, Greg, Jesse, JDHS, 23:10.00. 12, Murph, Julia, PSG, 23:11.31. 13, Pfundt, Hannah, PSG, 23:11.54. 14, Newman, Makayla, PSG, x23:16.49. 15, Pingayak, Shandel, Mt.E, 23:39.24. 16, Barlow, Alecia, CRG, 23:41.66. 17, Kimlinger, Toma, JDHS, x23:50.42. 18, Powers, Katie, KTN, 24:00.69. 19, McLuckie, Jordan, HNH, 24:02.30. 20, Jensen, Hailey, SKG, 24:28.49. 21, Ranniger, Gwendolyn, KTN, 24:30.03. 22, Cool, Sarah, KTN, x24:30.27. 23, Rivers, Rachel, JDHS, x24:32.90. 24, McArthur, Whitney, SIT, 24:35.29. 25, Seley, Tori, KTN, x24:39.50. 26, Riggs, Sidney, SIT, 24:50.01. 27, Denkinger, Hailey, SIT, 24:50.23. 28, Norton, Alicia, JDHS, x24:50.40. 29, Duncan, Kaylah, TMHS, 25:03.01. 30, Woods-Orrison, Brittany, Mt.E, 25:06.13. 31, Nichols, Sydney, KTN, x25:17.89. 32, Dinon, Pia, CRG, 25:20.60. 33, Amaktoolik, Julie, Mt.E, 25:32.12. 34, Parker, Madisyn, PSG, x25:38.21. 35, Hines, Mia, TMHS, x25:42.77. 36, Hansen, Aspen, CRG, 25:47.88. 37, McNeilley, Ayla, SIT, x25:49.66. 38, Linne, Farren, KTN, x26:03.69. 39, Davis, Talia, Kake, 26:32.55. 40, Churchill, Kaylauna, WRG, x26:40.92. 41, Meissner, Darian, WRG, x26:46.72. 42, Luckhurst, Ashlyn, Mt.E, x26:49.86. 43, Weber, Al, SKG, 27:35.56. 44, Sheufelt, Laurel, TMHS, x27:36.54. 45, Flores, Teresa, WRG, x27:39.15. 46, Roberts, Ronie, HNH, 27:41.56. 47, Janes, Madisyn, MET, 27:51.78. 48, Kadake, Louise, Kake, 28:18.30. 49, Kookesh, Natasha, ANG, 28:49.74. 50, VonScheerschmidt, Kelcie, SIT, x29:02.95. 51, May, Mikayla, TMHS, x29:18.91. 52, Pfundt, Erin, PSG, x29:22.03. 53, Stevenson, Morgan, HNH, 29:23.33. 54, Kimber, Sydnee, Mt.E, x29:30.31. 55, Seehafer, Erika, SIT, x29:54.60. 56, Lockabey, Krissy, HNH, x30:11.04. 57, Teeluk, Dainean, SKG, 31:08.32. 58, O’Brien, Elizabeth, ANG, 31:18.36. 59, O’Brien, Patricia, ANG, 31:31.47. 60, Whitehead, Kara, SKG, x32:02.40. 61, Penrose, Meghan, TMHS, x32:52.90. 62, Vaughan, Dior, CRG, x33:11.91. 63, Burnham, Skyler, CRG, x33:34.01. 64, Anaruk, Danielle, Mt.E, x34:35.35. 65, Hommel, Tabatha, WRG, x34:40.08. 66, Sibley, Cora, ANG, x35:21.02. 67, Gray, Faithe, MET, 36:18.59. 68, Gray, Marcia, MET, 36:43.90. --, Hodne, Jade, KTN, XDQ. --, Watts, Abigail, JDHS, DQ. --, George, Dixie, ANG, DQ. --, Kookesh, Kylie, ANG, DQ. --, Uchtyl, Claire, JDHS, X24:47.22. --, York, Maddie, JDHS, X25:39.96. --, Smith, Gillian, JDHS, X26:08.60. --, Bibb, Leah, JDHS, X26:22.34. --, Heinl, Mena, KTN, X26:32.82. --, Buchhardt, Rebecca, JDHS, X26:33.04. --, Greaves, Melea, KTN, X27:02.83. --, Bolshakoff, Natasha, KTN, X27:15.43. --, Rivest, Anna, TMHS, X27:30.12. --, Chaudhary, Kathleen, KTN, X27:40.40. --, Wayne, Nelli, JDHS, X27:46.94. --, Neal, Ashleigh, JDHS, X27:58.02. --, Walsh, Kelsey, JDHS, X28:06.16. --, Ward, Raven, JDHS, X28:11.58. --, Kacenas, Roseanna, KTN, X28:33.78. --, Buchanen, Katie, JDHS, X29:26.23. --, Jackson, Christina, KTN, X29:30.59. --, Lane, Amanda, KTN, X30:04.45. --, Wilcox, Victoria, JDHS, X32:55.27. --, Sidmore, Mclain, JDHS, X33:38.06. --, Hillberry, Ella, KTN, X42:25.62.

Boys 5k Results:

1, Moser, Riley, JDHS, 17:12.77. 2, Baciocco, Colin, SIT, 17:31.47. 3, Elliott, Johnny, JDHS, 17:32.13. 4, Holst, Brian, JDHS, 17:51.24. 5, Goebel, Ethan, JDHS, x17:51.86. 6, Healy, Russell, JDHS, x17:56.17. 7, Blankenship, Sylvan, KTN, 18:00.12. 8, Lohrey, Michael, TMHS, 18:27.67. 9, Borcy, William, SIT, 18:29.10. 10, Bibb, Harrison, JDHS, x18:41.52. 11, Foote, Dominique, SKG, 18:51.72. 12, Llanos, Christopher, KTN, 18:52.18. 13, Svenson, Leif, KTN, 18:59.53. 14, Gerald, Bryce, WRG, 19:01.89. 15, Thomas, Clint, TB, 19:19.25. 16, Zellhuber, Jordan, SIT, 19:19.66. 17, Rodanhisler, Trent, KTN, x19:21.63. 18, Melendrez, Gabe, CRG, 19:22.92. 19, Hagerman, Tucker, PSG, 19:23.22. 20, Sharman, Rowan, Gustavus, 19:34.41. 21, Campbell, Jacob, TMHS, 19:36.04. 22, Barratt, Jonathan Dakota, WRG, 19:37.39. 23, Hunter-Skeek, Nathaniel, ANG, 19:44.96. 24, Holmberg, Daniel, PSG, 19:52.12. 25, Zarlengo, Ben, PSG, 19:52.62. 26, Dawson, Obadiah, TMHS, 19:52.98. 27, Thomas, Austin, TB, 20:00.49. 28, Pietz, Brendan, TMHS, x20:01.27. 29, Cox, Trevor, SKG, 20:05.51. 30, Machakos, Noah, JDHS, x20:17.35. 31, Wallace, William, TMHS, x20:17.73. 32, Schoening, Trevor, SIT, x20:28.96. 33, Suarez, Caleb, SIT, x20:30.96. 34, Landes, Ben, TMHS, x20:31.43. 35, Clowar, Curtis, TB, 20:34.46. 36, Solovyov, Leo, SIT, x20:34.96. 37, Buxton, Conner, SIT, x20:41.22. 38, Hagerman, Kyle, PSG, x20:47.55. 39, Packer, Seth, CRG, 20:51.10. 40, Jackson, Charles, Kake, 20:58.29. 41, Lenhard, Nathaniel, PSG, x21:01.08. 42, Friday, Simon, Kake, 21:04.88. 43, Jackson, Leo, KTN, x21:08.45. 44, Suzuki, Max, TMHS, x21:17.59. 45, Belisle, Colton, SKG, 21:38.96. 46, Roberts, Randy, HNH, 21:51.97. 47, Trout, Roger, Hydaberg, 21:58.62. 48, Marker, Andrew, CRG, 22:04.20. 49, Burnham, Timber, CRG, x22:09.65. 50, Comstock, Amos, WRG, 22:31.45. 51, Willis, Isaac, ANG, 22:40.19. 52, Shilts, Darren, WRG, x22:43.82. 53, Prysunka, Sam, WRG, x22:52.50. 54, Ward, Skylar, Kake, 22:58.89. 55, Seaford, Jericho, TB, x22:59.24. 56, Nix, Nick, Hydaberg, 23:28.35. 57, Pankow, Henning, KTN, x23:35.94. 58, Waghiyi, Isaiah, Mt.E, 23:36.50. 59, Reeves, Mitchell, CRG, x23:38.36. 60, Williams, Zach, HNH, 23:53.76. 61, White, Jerry, HNH, 23:59.43. 62, Nicolai, Andrew, Mt.E, 24:00.85. 63, Moore, Jeffrey, Mt.E, 24:07.98. 64, Arnold, Brandal, Mt.E, x24:20.98. 65, Ronquillo, Adrian, KTN, x24:22.41. 66, Rutherford, Kobe, HNH, x24:25.58. 67, Henderson, James, MET, 24:40.52. 68, Ballard, Maverick, CRG, x24:50.93. 69, Sandhofer, Chauncey, PSG, x25:02.52. 70, Peele, William, Hydaberg, 25:09.49. 71, Marsden, Christopher, MET, 26:36.20. 72, Cook, Micah, SKG, x28:10.65. 73, Eaglestaff, Michael, Hydaberg, x29:01.85. 74, McCarty, Samuel, MET, 29:33.71. --, Saline, Zamor, SIT, XDNF. --, Quitslund, River, PSG, DNF. --, Smith, Duncan, JDHS, X19:43.93. --, White, John, JDHS, X19:44.22. --, Penrose, Jonah, TMHS, X20:03.80. --, McKenna, Tim, JDHS, X20:11.36. --, Mitchell, Corbin, JDHS, X20:22.33. --, Hebert, Zach, JDHS, X20:24.61. --, Mitchell, Brysen, JDHS, X20:25.76. --, Murray-Shapland, Rogelio, JDHS, X21:30.33. --, Suzuki, Shafer, TMHS, X21:36.36. --, Thompson, Soren, JDHS, X21:58.25. --, Marks, Simon, JDHS, X22:02.18. --, Carter, Ben, SIT, X22:03.12. --, Garrett, Ben, TMHS, X22:06.32. --, Holder, Gavin, SIT, X22:13.39. --, Dalton, Trevor, SIT, X22:17.10. --, Crawford, Gabe, TMHS, X22:19.07. --, Fulton, Owen, SIT, X22:19.93. --, Woodland, Matthew, JDHS, X22:23.95. --, Johnson, Sam, TMHS, X22:27.42. --, Nylen, Christopher, JDHS, X22:28.79. --, Cheng, Henry, JDHS, X22:29.22. --, Bartlett, Curt, SIT, X22:31.82. --, Morris, John, TMHS, X22:38.92. --, Sani, Niko, SIT, X22:47.89. --, Beckeris, Michael, SIT, X22:51.60. --, Suarez, Camden, SIT, X22:57.46. --, Holmgren, Bennet, SIT, X23:02.38. --, Vancise, Leif, SIT, X23:13.63. --, Parsons, Kincaid, SIT, X23:14.44. --, Medalen, Stuart, PSG, X23:19.29. --, Worl, Ricardo, TMHS, X23:19.80. --, Johnson, Kenneth, KTN, X23:29.12. --, Hillberry, Owen, KTN, X23:36.88. --, Petersen, Gus, PSG, X23:39.07. --, Tighe, Zachary, KTN, X24:14.85. --, Young, Joshua, SIT, X24:27.67. --, Barnhill, Jamie, TMHS, X25:08.85. --, Leighton, Alec, KTN, X25:39.92. --, Wear, Keith, KTN, X27:14.58. --, Williams, Noah, JDHS, X27:43.12. --, Carteeti, Matthew, KTN, X27:48.92. --, Ranniger, Benjamin, KTN, X34:11.18.

Community Race Results:

Scott Watts, M, 48, 18:58; Alize Arthur, M, 17, 19:15; Corey Box, M, 15, 21:05; Ben Undurraga, M, 15, 21:07; Seth Machakos, M, 14, 21:27; Joshua Rivers, M, 14, 21:28; Ben Campbell, M, 14, 22:00; Arne Ellefson-Carnes, M, 13, 22:12; Sue York, F, 41, 22:49; Matt York, M, 43, 22:59; Caleb Deer, M, 23:11; Ray Rivers, M, 50, 23:55; Michael Alan, M, 14, 24:01; Karlynn Welling, F, 44, 25:00; Calvin Zuelow, M, 17, 25:02; Trevor Pearfe(?), M, 25:12; Wayne Carnes, M, 51, 25:25; Maria Offer, F, 53, DNF; Mariah Kadinger, F, 9, DNF; Jonnie Johnson, M, 26:27; Bradley Gilbert, M, 15, 27:02; Kyra Barrows, F, 13, 27:33; Chris Barrows, M, 43, 29:12; Tara Nelson, F, 29:17; Ryan Harvey, M, 20, 29:19; Ian Scholl, M, 15, 29:52; Sidra Gregoira, F, 12, 31:16; Jack Talan, M, 31:19; Willa, F, 32:24; Summer, F, 32:58; Kendra George, F, 33:21; Linda Thompson, F, 48, 34:37; Molly McCormick, F, 49, 35:37; Lila Quigley, F, 11, 35:51; Andrew Rivers,M,8,36:13; Miles Quigley, M, 8, 36:13; Jen LaRoe, F, 46, 37:13; Hayden Loggy-Smith, F, 8, 40:01; Justine Bishop, F, 47, 43:26; Brynne Loggy-Smith, F, 6, 43:27; Missy Loggy, F, 43:27.


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