A need for term limits

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2006

The United States was attacked by foreign terrorists. Investigation showed the attackers were Arab terrorists. Most of these were Saudi Arabia-born citizens. The public was never directly informed where the funding for their despicable operation came from, and maybe it isn't known with certainty, but one could say circumstantial evidence would suggest that it came from their home, Saudi Arabia. It is also probable that they were trained in Afghanistan. I wonder if any real action has been taken against the individuals and the government that supported these actions against the targets here.

With regard to the war against Iraq, the reasons given by the administration never had much proof that the government of Iraq was a threat to the U.S. The administration has bragged for years that our spy satellites prohibited anyone from moving against us or starting any major action that we couldn't observe. Our analyst list could read a newspaper from space. Surely we could detect the factories that produced the weapons of mass destruction and the place the weapons were stored. In spite of this lack of provocation, we attacked the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Who let us go to war? Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution relates to the legislative branch. Section 8 of Article 1 is titled "Powers of Congress." The powers include the power "to declare war." As an example the Congress declared war Dec. 8, 1941. This was at the request of the president. Nowhere is it stated that the power of the Congress can be delegated. The example stated would indicate the Congress can act quickly. It should also be noted that this declaration of war followed an attack upon the territories of the U.S. The president as the commander-in-chief had authority to resist that attack, and he did.

Why did our Congress want to delegate their power? I think it was because they were too busy playing politics and running for re-election. We need to have term limits to replace these elected-for-life representatives who are so busy they can't do their job, and in fact have delegated it without the authority.

William L. Baumgartner


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