Stop the waste and embarrassment

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2006

Talk about common sense! Imagine, to put a bridge to where there are actually people. Where it is a short distance to Ketchikan. That was a common sense approach espoused by Roy Nathan in the letters to the editor with his comments on the bridge to nowhere. I think the national press coverage on this bridge proposal made us look pretty stupid and terribly greedy to the rest of the country. My goodness, what a stretch to compare the Brooklyn Bridge to the bridge to Gravina Island! The needs of the rest of the state are important too, especially when whole communities don't have indoor plumbing and certain other communities can't afford to pay their heating bills. Our roads in Ketchikan are in terrible shape and are dangerously bumpy. We could use bigger and better docks and floats. For crying out loud, our water is unsafe to drink here. The entire community has needs that far outweigh the so-called bridge to nowhere. It is just ridiculous that we would encumber that much money to put a big giant blight on our beautiful Tongass Narrows. I'd like to invite others, who don't want the bridge to Gravina, to get together to stop the waste and embarrassment to Ketchikan over this proposal for a preposterous eye sore.

Andre LeCornu


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