Resolving to improve fruitcake, training habits and resolutions

Changes for the new year can be both simple and successful

Posted: Friday, January 01, 2010

No fruitcake was harmed in the making of this column. At this time next year, however, there will be serious damage to fruitcakes as I am resolving this year to make a more edible fruitcake.

It's a simple resolution, and that is how a resolution should be. I don't want to say that I'm baking a fruitcake that will make France's Le Cordon Bleu Academy green with envy, as that might be setting the bar a bit to high. No, I'll keep my resolutions simple. I'm going to add sunflower seeds, carob chips, possibly some butterscotch nuggets and some oatmeal (you know, roughage I'm familiar with).

I'm not going to run a marathon each week this year, either. I think I will concentrate instead on learning the correct training habits for long distance running.

I'm not going to run all 90-plus trails in Juneau. I have been here since July and only attempted a few.

I'm not going to lose 40 pounds. I am going to try to eat better, one day at a time. Perhaps I will join a gym. If it is close enough I will walk to it. I will start a couple of weight exercises. Something light until I can bench press the deli special sandwich of the week. I will try one of the cardio machines I have never tried before. If I get to the club door and decide not to go in ... well, that will be OK. At least I made an effort.

I'm not going to give one-fingered salutes to snowmachiners flying past me on winter trails. I am actually quite pleased with my recent encounter with three such individuals. The two adults and one child slowed their machines, chatted, then bid me a fond farewell up the trail.

I'm not going to be a better listener. I will keep an open mind and try to be less opinionated and more sympathetic. Maybe I will just think of sports and nod my head, you know, act like I am really into what the conversation is and not that sleek little number cruising past (insert either car or woman imagery here).

I am not shelling out $10 for a movie ticket to get interrupted by crying children or laughing high schoolers or doctors on-call. l am going to watch more movies about women made by women. Hopefully, I'll get in touch with my sensitive side.

Here are my six I'M NOTS:

1. I'm not making superficial resolutions. I will focus internally, and on the bigger and more important reasons for them.

2. I'm not going to speak of resolution. I am going to write them down and post it somewhere I see it every day.

3. I'm not going to be happy about what I am trying to resolve away from my life. I will be excited about what I am replacing it with.

4. I'm not going totally quit my busy life. I will find the free time that lurks in my daily routine.

5. I'm not following the all or nothing mentality. I'm going to occasionally savior the wiggle room to enjoy cake in my diet or wine with dinner.

6. I'm not going to put off resolutions for the new year. I'm going to change whatever in my life that needs changing when I first realize it needs some work. It will be like training for a run where the focus is on little things like shoe fit, weather, sore muscles, time and motivation.

So, I am not going to succeed at resolutions this year. Nope, not going to happen. I might do well on a few. Heck, I might rock the world on a couple. I might not pass muster on a few. I might do just fine on many. I will attempt them, that is all I can do.

I am currently soaking a re-gifted fruitcake (I won't mention the gifter, who will receive it again next year), only this time I resolve that it will include some Reeses Pieces... or at least a chocolate chip. Enjoy!

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