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Posted: Sunday, January 02, 2000

Did you notice some bingo players bingo time after time? How about the ratio of bingo workers from other halls? Direct family members, people who run bingo can set anyone up.

I'd like to respond to the comments about Eaglecrest. I have been skiing at Eaglecrest since I was three years old. I don't know what I would do without it. People would be depressed and I'm sure many of us would move away.

I'm a longtime Juneau resident and I've paid and paid for Eaglecrest and have never used it. I think it should be privatized and I'm glad to see others in Word of Mouth agree with me. The skiers should foot the bill themselves.

A comment about the road and the ferry: It won't be cheap to take the road, as there would be a toll on each car, each way. For those of us who live in Skagway, that means a head tax for every time we go to the orthodontist, every time we need to come to Juneau for medical reasons, and, for example, if I sign my children up for the fine arts camp, which is two weeks long, it would cost me $250 extra in road tolls. Let's make it less for locals.

It's about time we see a Native in the sports section. Go Curtis. We love you.

I'm curious to know if there is any more information on the Dimond Park Bridge scheduled to be built.

I just renewed my Alaska business license and was wondering why we have to send them to Seattle to be processed. Why can't we do it right here in Alaska?

To the person who called in about the family who won at bingo. You really can't be that cynical can you? A friend of mine recently won a modest lottery and bought a new car. Even though she's been playing my numbers in addition to hers for years, I still congratulated her and was thrilled. Open your heart, you never know what riches may follow.

Why did you fail to mention the second set of women who won over $1,700 at one of the bingos, while sitting directly in front of the caller's stand? How about the man's daughter who suddenly showed up out of the blue and won a pickup, when people have been waiting since spring to win, especially when he works at one of the places that hosts bingo?

A big thank you to KINY for broadcasting Crimson Bears basketball in the Princess Capital City Classic this week. Fans of the girls team were upset to miss the Fairbanks tournament last week. To the girls team, we say: Go, girls.

I voted against the last high school bond issue because it didn't include renovations to Floyd Dryden, which didn't get renovations when we built Dzantik'i Heeni, and I wanted to address the comments last night in the paper that said by the year 2005 we'd have a refurbished Marie Drake, Please, please don't tell me Floyd Dryden will be overlooked again.

Monday's Empire talks about a possible development on the north and west side of Douglas. This land is wholly owned by Goldbelt. Whatever the complexities, and there are several, readers should not get confused. That project has nothing to do with and is on the opposite end of the island from the building spree being pushed by city planners within Douglas itself. Goldbelt shareholders will do well to distant themselves from this controversial land-swap notion.

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