Consider needs of everyone on trails

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 02, 2004

In the Sunday paper of Dec. 28 I took notice of the section on "Last week's question: What restrictions on dogs on trails would you support?" Half of the respondents were for no restrictions. On this issue, as well as others, the majority often lacks sensibility for minorities.

My wife is a disabled vet who requires the aid of crutches in order to use any trail in our area. Neither she nor I enjoy the smell of dog poop that has been a constant reminder of inconsiderate pet owners along every trail upon which we have ventured. This is something that we have accepted, but seeing my wife almost knocked down by well-mannered dogs is another thing entirely. It is also not uncommon for me to have to stand between my wife and a pet that is on a leash. We don't utilize trails nearly as much as we would like and it is absolutely too dangerous for my wife to go alone.

I wish that more people who choose to own dogs would show increased concern for the welfare of others, for I believe that all of us, including the elderly and physically restricted, should be able to enjoy our trails (at least the relatively flat ones) without fear for our safety.

Richard Stephens


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