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Posted: Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Southeast chapter of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance is grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of our booth at the Juneau Public Market and our wildlife quilt raffle.

We are most appreciative of everybody who supported us by purchasing raffle tickets and wildlife-related items from our booth.

Special thanks go to vendors, including the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Bob Armstrong, Jos Bakker, Britteny Cioni-Haywood, Sandy Darnell, Kim Elton, John Gersch, Kathy Hocker and Mary Willson, Free Spirit, WalterColors, Taku Graphics and William Spear Design.

We appreciate advertising help from Kim Busch, Mona Wickenburg at the Capital City Weekly, Tim Miles, Kathy Sarns and Nancy Wallace.

A huge thank you goes to Gudrun Bergvall who made the beautiful wildlife quilt for our raffle. For ticket sales, thank you to Gabrielle Aberle, Jos Bakker, Tina Brown, Tamara Buffalo, Jim Green, Tim Miles, Pat O’Brien, Katrina Pearson, Jenny Pursell and Cindy Simon. Thank you, too, to Travis McCain at Alaska Litho for helping create our raffle tickets.

Congratulations to Sandi Benzel, the happy winner of the wildlife quilt.

We appreciate assistance with our booth from the following: Gabrielle Aberle, Dixie Alms, Jos Bakker, Gudrun Bergvall, Greg Brown, Tina Brown, Britteny Cioni-Haywood, Jennifer Michaels, Linda Shaw and Mary Willson.

We are particularly grateful to Peter Metcalfe for all of his guidance as we prepared for the Juneau Public Market.

Thanks to Kim Busch for teaching us to make recycled newspaper bags to hold our merchandise and to Gabrielle Aberle for organizing a bag making party.

Patrons of our booth were treated to a coffee sample, thanks to Raven’s Brew Coffee.

A special thank you goes to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance for supporting our Southeast chapter in this endeavor, particularly to Connie Brandel for her tireless advice and to Jenny Pursell for sharing her experience.

Much appreciation also goes to the board members of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance Southeast: Jos Bakker, Tina Brown, Tamara Buffalo, Jim Green, Tim Miles, and Katrina Pearson, as well as to our advisory board members: Bob Armstrong, Marsha Bennett, Andrea Doll, Bob Doll, Doug Mertz, Linda Shaw, Margo Waring and Mary Willson.

We are particularly grateful to Pat O’Brien who chaired our Juneau Public Market/raffle committee.

Tina M. Brown

President, Alaska Wildlife


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