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Posted: Monday, January 03, 2000

I am more than happy to drop subsidies from the city budget and I would hope that as long as we're closing Eaglecrest that we close the harbors, parks and any other city subsidized things, like schools, school buses. I don't go to school, I don't have kids, so shut them down.

I'm in the middle of a move and so I've done nothing to celebrate the new year. But when I found out about the fireworks display, I decided that would be my one activity for the new year. I had looked forward to it . . . I very happily got to watch them and I want to thank the city of Juneau. I appreciate the display. And KINY's broadcast was such an added accent. Thank you for the memories of the 1990s. I appreciated that as well.

I would like to thank the fireworks crew. There is a lot of work involved and they put on a great show for us once again.

I enjoyed the fireworks because it was a lot darker than it usually is on the Fourth of July. I would like to say from now on we should have fireworks on the fourth of January instead of the fourth of July.

As long as we are on the topic of bingo and pull tabs, I would like to know how many families have been destroyed by this gambling. Unpaid bills, separation, divorce, and what has this done to the kids? Gambling kills families. Please read this to someone you love.

We already pay a toll to get between Juneau and Skagway, It's called a ferry ticket. We would pay approximately $25 for a road toll on a vehicle crammed full of people. The ferry currently charges $78 for your vehicle only, plus another $32 for each person in the car. The road is cheaper.

That was extremely poor coverage on ringing in the new year by our local channel in Anchorage.

Last Monday's Empire talks about a possible development on the north and west side of Douglas. This land is wholly owned by Goldbelt. Whatever the complexities, and there are several, readers should not get confused. That project has nothing to do with and is on the opposite end of the island from the building spree being pushed by city planners within Douglas itself. Goldbelt shareholders will do well to distance themselves from this controversial land-swap notion.

I voted against the last high school bond issue because it didn't include renovations to Floyd Dryden, which didn't get renovations when we built Dzantik'i Heeni, and I wanted to address the comments last night in the paper that said by the year 2005 we'd have a refurbished Marie Drake, Please, please don't tell me Floyd Dryden will be overlooked again.

Regarding the people complaining about the bingo money and families who are winning, I think it's too bad - they shouldn't be complaining if they can't win. Whoever wins, wins, and even if somebody is cheating and it hasn't been figured out, then it's not their job to sit there and complain about it. If they are tired of wasting their money, they should stop going.

Why can people go in stores and spend over $300 in groceries and there are no boxes to pack up all their groceries in? I was in a store and tried to use a box, but was told it would cost me $1.25. I don't think it's right that if we spend that much money, we should have to pay for boxes.

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