Please return Missing wise man

Posted: Monday, January 03, 2000

On the night of Dec. 29 someone stole from our front yard a wise man on a camel that was part of our nativity scene.

I'm hoping that the people who took the wise man will please return him. Since my wife and I made the nativity scene out of plywood, the people who stole the wise man will never be able to put him out in their yard, since he's one of a kind - we made it and painted it by hand. The only thing worse than having it stolen would be for it to be thrown it in a ditch or destroyed. We've been putting out the story of the Lord's birth in our yard for over 10 years. Will the people who took the wise man please bring him back, or, he could be dropped off somewhere with a message left at 789-9763 to tell us where he is, no questions asked. Wouldn't it be better to return the wise man and start the New Year off on a positive note instead of ending the year stealing?

Dale Young

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