Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2001

Eaglecrest offers refunds and credits

JUNEAU - Eaglecrest Ski Area, citing a major shortfall of snow, is offering refunds and credits on season passes. The National Weather Service reported snowfall in Juneau was about 20 inches below normal for the year. It has also been warmer than usual.

"Due to the late arrival of winter, Eaglecrest did not receive enough snow at lower elevations to cover the ski trails," business manager Gary Mendivil said. The weather has also made it difficult to produce artificial snow.

Season ticket holders can get refunds - minus a 10-percent administration fee - or hold on to their passes for credit next season. The credits are on a sliding scale, based on the number of operating days lost.

"For example, if the ski area opened on Jan. 7, 32 percent of the 96-day ski season would have been lost, so pass holders are given 32 percent credit plus a 5 percent bonus for keeping the faith, for a total of 37 percent toward a pass next season," Mendivil said.

The credit and refund policy takes effect this Sunday.

Eaglecrest, which was scheduled to open Dec. 1, also opened late in 1996. A strong El Nino - a warm weather pattern - forced its closure until Jan. 13.

"We've had two really good ski seasons, which should allow us to weather this situation," Mendivil said.

Once Eaglecrest opens, ski and snowboard school lessons and programs will be rescheduled. For more information, call Eaglecrest at 586-5284.

Man robbed, beaten; two charged

JUNEAU - Two people, arrested Sunday in connection with the beating and robbery of a man near the downtown library, were arraigned Tuesday.

The Juneau Police Department responded about 2:20 a.m. Sunday to a report of a fight in progress. When they reached the scene, they found an intoxicated man, 35, suffering minor injuries. They arrested Michael Rae, 43, and Jolene Joey, 23, on charges of throwing the victim down a set of stairs and beating him while going through his pockets and removing the contents.

Rae and Joey were charged with second-degree robbery. They were held at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center without bail.

The injured man was transported by Juneau Recovery Hospital personnel to Bartlett Regional Hospital's emergency department for treatment. He was discharged at 5 a.m. Sunday in good condition, according to a hospital spokesman.

At her arraignment, Joey was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Jan. 11 at 2:30 p.m. Rae's court file was not available today.

Alaska Permanent Fund grows despite market

ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Permanent Fund grew by $750 million in December, despite wide swings in the stock market. The state's oil-wealth savings account ended the year with a market value of $26.8 billion.

Its U.S. stock holdings totaled $8.9 billion, or up $93 million for the month. Its foreign stocks performed the best, reaching $4.3 billion.

Former lawmaker, pilot and adventurer, dies

ANCHORAGE - Pappy Moss, a former Alaska legislator and homesteader, died New Year's Eve at his home in Chugiak. He was 79.

Daughter Deborah Ann McGoldrick of Chugiak said Moss had a bad heart valve and a number of debilitating diseases, including diabetes.

He was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1978 and was elected to a single four-year term in the Senate two years later.

Moss flew as a pilot in the Berlin Airlift shortly after World War II, and for the CIA during the tense U.S.-Cuba period in the early 1960s, his family said. He started homesteading in the 1970s on 160 acres at Big Delta, eight miles north of Delta Junction. He also mined gold.

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