Go, Mr. President


Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2001

We have finally come to the end of one of the most remarkable presidential contests in history. The losers are crying "foul" and civil disobedience is being promised by minority leaders. The Supreme Court is now labeled as "political puppets" of our mostly two-sided political system. The media appears to be in mourning with egg on their face.

President-elect Bush (has a nice ring to it) is now being admonished by the Democrats to welcome them with open arms. He is told to "give them important" post assignments and to show them his willingness to bring about a political healing in the USA. "Concede" some of your power, they argue.

Funny, I don't remember any of this rhetoric or attitudes of reconciliation after the 1992 and 1996 contests. In fact, the theme was the opposite as President Clinton fought the Senate and House tooth and nail for eight solid years. He finally showed his true colors in a hallway and before a grand jury.

The Supreme Court has been labeled "politically persuaded" by their 5-4 vote, yet if we truly look at their rulings, they stood on the Constitution and the rights of all voters, not just a select few. The vote, if truly on our rights, should not have been 5-4. It should have been 9-0.

So maybe the whiners should look forward to lower taxes, a stronger foreign policy (go Colin Powell), a military that is ready and world-wide respect for the USA by our foreign friends and enemies as well. Our integrity and honesty has been dragged into the mud for eight years. It's time to bring the USA back to where we can be proud of our leaders and proud of our country. This all starts in February 2001.

Go, Mr. President.

Martin Walker


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