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Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thanks for supporting the Alaska Youth Choir

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The Alaska Youth Choir would like to thank everyone who supported the choir this year through the raffle, by donation, or attendance at our holiday concert in December. With your generosity, we were able to reach our financial goals for the fall season. We appreciate your support and will continue to provide Juneau Youth with a deeper appreciation of choral art, a shared experience of creating fine choral music, and a comprehensive music education and performance program serving children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. We look forward to the New Year with much anticipation as we prepare for the spring concert season and the summer tour to Vancouver, B.C.

Again, a sincere thank you Juneau for all you have done and will continue to do for the Alaska Youth Choir.

Happy New Year.

Missouri Smyth

Artistic director, Alaska Youth Choir


Thanks for attending museums conference

This past fall, historians and museum professionals gathered in Juneau for the annual conference of Museums Alaska and the Alaska Historical Society. We would like to thank these individuals, businesses and organizations who made the conference a complete success.

Bruce Kato, Chief Curator of the Alaska State Museum; The Juneau Visitor's and Convention Bureau; Centennial Hall staff; Gov. and Mrs. Frank Murkowski and Governor's Mansion staff; Friends of the Governor's Mansion Foundation. Mayor Bruce Botelho opened the conference.

For special events: The 20th Century Theatre Working Group; Orca Point Lodge and Four Seasons Tours; Dick Wood; Historic House Tour - Marcia Nye, Michelle Storer, Alma and Don Harris, House of Wickersham staff; Last Chance Mining Museum; Sentinel Island Lighthouse; Alaska Gastineau and Gold Mine Tour; Mendenhall Visitor Center staff and Jim Geraghty; Macaulay Salmon Hatchery; Alaskan Brewery Company; Alaska Historical Library and Alaska State Museum staff, and Juneau-John Rishel Mineral Information Center.

For contributions: Alaska Airlines, Princess Tours, Holland America Line, Gray Line of Alaska, CBJ Parks and Recreation Department, John DelGado; the Friends of the Alaska State Museum, Alaska Electric Light and Power; Heritage Coffee Company; Conoco Phillips; AT Publishing; Sealaska Corporation; The Observatory ABBA; Alaska Litho; MRV Architects; Taku Graphics; Marsha Bennett; Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc.; The Alaskan Fudge Company; Carson Dorn, Inc; Hearthside Books; Malin Babcock; Hard Scratch Press; Joe Leahy; Harriet Botelho; Capital Copy Ltd.; Pioneer Book Committee; Coastal Helicopters; Gary H. Gillette; Murray & Associates P.C.; Jane Lindsey; North Wind Architects, LLC; Changing Tides; Alaska Heritage Bookstore; Zen restaurant; Ad Lib; Doc Water's Pub; Silverbow Bakery; The Soup Queen; Breeze-In; Jerry's Meats; Paradise Cafe; Sweet Dream Teas; RISE Alaska, LLC; Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Silent Auction: Mary Pat Wyatt, Kathryn Cohen, Mary Ellen Frank, Marie Darlin, Dick Wood, Paul Voelckers, Ron Klein, Urban Eskimo, Judy Hopkins, Changing Tides, Cherie Chrysler, Dale Lanegan, Alma Harris, Don Harris, Connie Munro, Dee Longenbaugh, Rich Poor, Rainy Day Books, The Store (Friends of the Alaska State Museum); Rie Munoz Gallery; Ray Watkins, Jim Wilcox Sr.

Volunteers: Malin Babcock, accounting; Debbie McBride and Bethany Buckingham, publications; Peggy Garrison, floral decorations; Noelle Derse, publicity, Paula Johnson, conference photographer; Renee Hughes and Alysia McLain, refreshments and Sean Lanksbury, Jim Simard and Damon Struebner, AV/IT technical expertise. Entertainment: Barbara Pavitt, Dan Hopson, Hans Chester and the Tlingit Culture Immersion Dancers; the Fil-Am Traditional Dance Group and Bluegrass 101.

Registration: Virginia Breeze, Harriet Botelho, Cristine Crooks, Marsha Bennett, Dorothy Frary, Marie Darlin, Linda Daniel, Noel Derse, Mary Foster, Gary Gillette, Sheila Griffin, Renee Guerin, Karleen and Roger Grummett, Alma and Don Harris, Betty Miller, Marjorie Menzi, Marcia Nye, Michelle Storer, Brita and Al Shaw, Jane Terry and Nancy Waterman.

We couldn't have done it without you.

June E. Hall, Gastineau Channel Historical Society

Jane Lindsey, Juneau-Douglas City Museum


Thanks, Juneau, for all of my many years

Thank you to Juneau for all my years there, to all the fine people there (and I hope all people there are fine).

Thanks especially to those who arranged or attended my VFW Hall going-away party. Thanks to the VFW too. Thanks also to the donors who surprised me with contributinogs; I regret not having had time to write each one separately.

My Bellingham sister, Toby, rescued me but gave me only 10 days to leave. I'd been sinking so fast in Juneau. I'm now in assisted living in Seattle and have had multiple visits to the VA - without the stress or expense of having to fly both to Anchorage and to Seattle. I've stabilized, at least for a while.

The big city has more specialists. ALS is relatively rare; so I need specialists. But the complex social organizations here move at glacial speed - at first. Juneau certifies disabled folks like me for care-a-van in 10 minutes. Down here, the average time is a month or two.

Few people know people in a big city the way Juneauites get to know each other. I'm glad I was part of it for so long.

Working on health is a job. There is much to do. A person totally incapacitated could not do it - lots of bureaucratic stuff to work through. Luckily, a friend recommended a good book: "The Secret of Instantaneous Healing." Thinking positive thoughts helps the mind, which helps the body.

We've had difficult weather this fall - you with cold and snow, Seattle with record rains, flooding, wind storms and power outages. But the days will be getting longer, the darkness fading in both locations. Spring will come again one day. As the old Carter family song says, keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.

Call, write, e-mail or visit. I'll be thinking of you too. Thanks again.

Joe Sonneman


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