Crafty resolutions for 2010

Posted: Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's that time of year when resolutions come crawling out of their dark and dusty holes. Say hello to the "Lose 10 pounds" and give a grin to the "Eat better, drink less." These fine friends are here again to greet us, goad us, guilt us, and then slither back to wherever they came from to hibernate for another year.

Or, perhaps it's time to try a new approach in 2010 and break the cycle. Get crafty with your resolutions and you may just have a little fun and actually fulfill one.

RESOLUTION 1:Get down with a new craft

The possibilities are endless for newbie crafters of all kinds in 2010. If you're a self-starter, try the library, whose collections on crafting extend from books, to movies, magazines and more.

In need of a little guidance? There are courses in every location and price range you can imagine.

Head downtown to The Canvas and learn to paint on silk, weave, make jewelry or just play the marimba. At the University of Alaska Southeast, you can learn to draw, silkscreen, create pottery, or become a set designer. Many craft stores sponsor classes like the sewing and quilting courses offered at Raintree Quilting in the valley area and Martina's Fabric in Lemon Creek. Or get the fam involved by asking Granny to teach you her mad crafting skills. It's a win-win all around.

RESOLUTION 2:Cross-pollinate with other crafters

Are you ever in a jam on a creative project and wish you had Martha on speed dial? Well, with a network of crafty friends at your side you can! One of the easiest ways to connect with other crafters is to start a crafting blog.

Share your ideas, projects and crafty insights and get feedback and tips from other bloggers. Most blog sites have easy and free templated set-ups that can get you going in minutes. Then, get out there and connect with your own circle of crafty expert friends.

Perhaps getting your gab on locally is more your speed. Try joining a craft guild like the Capital City Quilters or the Ravenstail Weavers'. Or start your own stitch circle with friends, because who doesn't love a crafting party?

RESOLUTION 3:Make some dough, crafty style

How much do you spend on your craft habit each year? Enough that the hubby has to reign you in? Maybe it's time to start selling on the side.

Participating in a few local craft fairs throughout the year can offset the costs of that new sewing machine you're craving or those interchangeable knitting needles you could so use.

Do a little research and find what the market is missing. Try your product out on some test subjects to determine your audience, and pick a craft fair to attend. Produce double what you hope to sell for a start.

With the excess you can always create an online sales shop on a site like Etsy or DaWanda, which are both easy and inexpensive.


So get to crafting your 2010 hitlist of creativity now and banish those pesky recurring resolutions for some crafty times. I promise this years' crafted fun and fulfillment will be goad and guilt free.

• Tanna Peters is a local crafter, illustrator and designer. Craft with her online at and join the Craft Addicts, a local crafting collective, at Direct your craft questions to

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