Empire editorial: Pick. Click. Give.

Posted: Monday, January 03, 2011

What can you do with $25? Fill up almost half a tank in an SUV, buy some pizza and beer or sodas, maybe grab lunch for two at a diner. But what if you could stretch that cash to help feed the hungry, work against domestic violence or support the symphony or a local swim club?

It’s time to register for Permanent Fund Dividend payments, which means it’s also time to pick, click and give. Donating a part of your PFD check through “Pick. Click. Give.” is a painless and positive way to support community organizations.

The State of Alaska has ironed the bugs out of its program this year, so Juneau residents have many options for where their cash might go.

There are 33 charitable and educational organizations in Juneau alone that are on the list. They range from the Juneau Symphony to the University of Alaska, and include many social services and educational foundations.

According to the Rasmuson Foundation, 9,500 Alaskans donated more than $1 million through the program. In 2009 5,500 people gave $545,000.

This year the goal is $1.5 million.

If everyone gave just $25 there would be $15 million invested in the helpful agencies and community organizations that are on the list.

So, for those who haven’t fired-up the computer yet to file for their PFD online, there’s plenty of time to peruse that list and send a little cash to the organization of your choice. Then, if you wish, you can go to www.facebook.com/PickClickGive and share where you sent your money, and why.

Pick. Click. Give. It’s a great way to invest in Alaskan programs that serve the needs of our growing state and its residents.

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