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Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2000

Title and firm: Owner, Craft Carousel.

Products, services: Lane sells extensive instructional manuals and parts for a wide range of crafts, including beading, candle-making, doll-making, quilting and tole painting. Occasional classes are offered, as well. She displays some of her own creations, such as dream catchers. Customers tend to be parents or older women, but she plans to cater to bored husbands with an area for tying fishing flies.

Business history: Lane bought the business in October 1994, when it was located on the third floor of a building on Industrial Boulevard. Previously, she had been a frequent customer of the shop and imagined she would have time to pursue her own crafts during store hours. Instead, ordering, stocking, pricing and pulling some counter shifts has kept her too busy, even with one employee. After a year, she moved to her current location and shared space with Tina's Fabrique Boutique. When that business closed in 1998, she lost some customers out of confusion about the closure, even though she expanded into the vacated space. But she said this Christmas season was her best ever.

Business philosophy: Lane believes customer service has kept her in business. She makes an effort to greet each person when they walk through the door and will try to order anything. To the extent possible, she tries to be competitive with Lower 48 prices. She also believes in cooperating with other local stores and avoids stocking items that can be purchased elsewhere in Juneau.

Biographical information: Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Lane, who gives her age as ``plenty-nine,'' met her future husband, Bill Edgar, at a wedding there. He later visited Alaska and then enticed her to follow. She arrived in 1987 and married him in 1990. They have six sons from previous relationships.

Reason for moving to Juneau: After a workaholic existence in phototypesetting, most recently for Lockheed, Lane liked the pace of Juneau and the warmth of its residents.

Latest project: Last week, she closed the store to conduct her annual inventory.

Notable: Lane's water-based paints come in more than 300 colors.

Quotable: ``We sell every possible craft supply product that I can get. It's kind of overwhelming when you come in here. This store is stock full of trillions of things. There are things all over my shop that interest anyone.''

Contact information: 9397 Le Perouse Ave., 789-4822.

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