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Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2000

With the new year, readers may notice a few changes in their Empire. Bowing to popular demand, the editor has returned the weather to Page 2, along with the police report. When we moved these items (weather to the back page of the front section, and the police report to Page 3) last year, we heard all about it - readers didn't like it one bit. The weather belongs on Page 2, they said, ``and, by the way, quit changing things.''

Another small-but-important change is the box on the lower right-hand corner of Page 1. We've used that for our Monday poll question and for interesting web links, but now we're reserving that space mainly for late-breaking news - events that happen late in our deadline cycle, after the inside pages are already through production. Sometimes this breaking news may be locally generated, but it could be state, national, international or sports. We'll be referring people to our website for the complete story, as we keep up with the times and the opportunities technology gives us to be a better news organization for the capital city. News stories that can't make the deadline for the paper edition will appear as breaking news at juneauempire.com.

One thing that won't change in the near future is the presence of Peanuts, the comic strip. Although Monday's Peanuts was the last of the new ones that run on a daily basis (new Sunday Peanuts continue into February), there are years - nearly 50 years worth of comic strips that haven't been seen by most readers. And we'll keep running these classics for the time being. Readers love Peanuts, we love Peanuts, and although times may change, some comics just can't be improved on.

But of course, change we will: The newspaper can always be improved on, and while wholesale changes can be hard on readers, we're hoping these small changes are manageable improvements. Readers, who are never shy about telling us when we've gone astray, will be sure to let us know.

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