Word of mouth

Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2000

I've been reading Word of Mouth and am starting to see more and more people calling about Eaglecrest. As a taxpayer, I think we should start a poll on this and leave it up to the taxpayers of the community to say what they think about Eaglecrest being privatized. I would vote to privatize it. I've been paying for it for years, but never use it.

For all the callers calling about privatizing Eaglecrest, perhaps we should privatize some of the other city functions - the library - I don't use it, so let's get rid of it. How about bus service, the senior center? All of that stuff - it's not necessary. It should all be privatized, if I don't use it. Come on, readers, get a grip - Eaglecrest provides great opportunities for families in this town.

What can be done about the people who park in the handicapped spots? Being a disabled person is terrible, and when I need a place near a grocery store, and I find cars in the blue zone that are not handicap-licensed cars. Those people always give you lip, and when I complain to the grocery store managers and they always come out with ``Oh, it hurts our business.'' We need someone to supervise these situations. Even going to the cops doesn't do much good.

Driving from Juneau to the airport at 7 a.m. I counted nine cars with no headlights, six with no taillights and two cop cars that passed two of these cars. Why not get these illegal cars off the road or ticket them and make some money for the city?

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