The realities about marijuana law

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 04, 2004

I understand that this vote will reinforce what already is the case, but it is clear that under Ravin, as restated this year, personal marijuana possession and cultivation is already legal in Alaska. That would be possession of four ounces and cultivation of up to 25 plants. I find it odd this was not mentioned in your article. I suspect it is because it is a reality many power brokers and gatekeepers find hard to accept. Some seem to think if you stick your head in the sand long enough, reality will just flitter away.

There are many of us who know for a fact Ravin always was the law in Alaska - you cannot supersede a right with a legislative action or a referendum. Yet your drug warriors refused to appeal any case far enough to establish this obvious fact for over a decade, until this year. Even if this referendum fails, it will not matter. Alaskans have a high expectation of privacy and marijuana use does not justify invading that privacy. That is the way it will stay, notwithstanding your attorney general's promise to spout propaganda and super-potent marijuana being dangerous. There were hash products measuring up to 50 percent THC when Ravin was written; nothing meaningful has changed since 1975.

Matthew Hulett

Brick, N.J.

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