Gays just trying to live a regular life

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 04, 2004

In regards to gay marriages and the comment regarding pedophiles, the only relationship to those two issues is that of attitude.

Pedophiles cause permanent damage. Gays are wanting to live a life like anyone else. Not all of us have our sex lives on display, thank goodness. Yet because they are willing to do so for the sake of seeking equity - and they are not damaging anyone for life - they give us something to talk about.

Most gays are part of society's workforce and have contributed so much to our lifestyles. Many laws have been passed regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, equity in the workforce, and on and on due to their efforts and commitment. They pay taxes, work very hard and are committed to the good of society. Yet it is so easy to look into the bedroom and paint ugly pictures that color their whole life.

Why not get rid of all those who damage others, all the pedophiles, those who commit domestic violence, sexual assault, racists and those with substance abuse issues and let's see who will be left standing. Certainly not those who think they hold the key to the pearly gates of heaven.

Jenny Bell


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