Don't fear the unfamiliar

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 04, 2004

I have been following the public's comments on the issue of religion, homosexuality and marriage. After reading some of the letters on this subject, I am saddened by the ill treatment our fellow human beings are receiving.

As the turmoil in our nation grows, I find that at times the human race's tolerance for each other has grown significantly weaker. I realize the need to react defensively to what we do not understand. I also realize that we need not always fear what is a mystery to us.

Religion and marriage are both strong institutions in life today; it is a part of what we are as individuals. Whether one participates in either religion or marriage must be a choice made of his or her own accord. This cannot be defined on the significance of religious beliefs or sexual orientation. These freedoms should be shared by all because they are citizens of this country.

What happens on the day your beloved child tells you he or she has fallen in love and wants to marry and start a family? What do you do when you find that their soulmate is of the same gender? Will you spit at them that they are damned and are breaking down the moral fabric of our society? Will you tell them that you helped to make sure that people like them cannot marry? Or can you be thankful that they have found someone and simply hope that they are good to each other?

Tana M. Bell


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