Palin lied, Juneau's access road died

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 04, 2007

I remember being torn last November. It seemed that candidate Palin was not coming out strong for the road. I suspected that this was the case, for I knew that she had been very pro-capital move in the past.

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It has been said by road proponents that if we can just get a road built out of Juneau, then those who complain about Alaska's state capital being inaccessible would then have no reason to squawk. Therefore, with Palin coming into power, maybe she would nix the road with a view to moving the capital up north.

But the day before the election, I remember being relieved when I heard an advertisement on the radio in which she personally said that she wanted to see a road out of Juneau and would work toward that end.

I really liked a lot about her and, being a conservative, wanted a good and practical governor. And so, after the assurance that she wanted improved Juneau access via a road, I voted for her.

And now the road has been nixed. And so, I guess like all politicians, she can't be trusted. Palin lied. The road died.

Kevin C. Nye


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