Questioning Capital Transit bus schedule

Posted: Friday, January 04, 2008

I question whether Capital Transit bus service is predictable and capable of providing a reliable service. This is after what my family experienced on Saturday, Dec. 29. My sons, 15 and 7, needed to catch the 9:26 a.m. bus in Lemon Creek to town. Not knowing if Capital Transit was coming down the road, my older son watched to see if the 8:56 a.m. bus to town came. Sure enough, the bus came down the road. Now any reasonable person would presume that the next bus to town would come down the road. The bus never came. And neither did any of the other buses throughout the remainder of the day.

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We had the radio on, listening for an announcement about interruptions in the bus routes, but there wasn't one. I also went online to the Capital Transit Web site, but there is no area listed on the page to notify its customers of interruptions to the services provided.

Then I called Capital Transit, asking why the service down Lemon Creek was canceled. I was informed the buses were having difficulty on some roads downtown. So they went on the winter schedule. They had faxed the interruption of service to the radio stations.

I called the station I was listening to along with another station and there was no answer. Nobody was there to make the faxed announcement.

There was no evaluation of Lemon Creek prior to the decision to cancel the service on Lemon Creek Road. On Sunday, buses came down the road all day. There was no difference in weather or road conditions in Lemon Creek, so I'm confused. It seemed like there is no reasonable way to know when the buses are coming.

So I went to the Capital Transit Web site to look for the winter schedule they said they are observing. There is no mention of this schedule or any mention of how they are going to reliably contact their customers about the interruption of service.

The first sentence of the Capital Transit Mission Statement is "Capital Transit provides safe, reliable, low cost transportation to ensure that all citizens have the ability to access and participate in the community."

I question whether Capital Transit is providing the reliable type of service they say they provide. They are leaving people unaware of service interruptions and changes to the schedule - and stranded.

Jeanny Wharton


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