Mummy Island returns to Eyak village

Posted: Monday, January 04, 2010

CORDOVA - The Native Village of Eyak has announced that property on Prince William Sound's Mummy Island was donated to the village on Dec. 7 by Ecotrust, a nonprofit group based in Portland, Ore., whose mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental well-being.

In a special session with the Eyak Tribal Council, Ecotrust's Craig Jacobsen, vice president of community ecosystem services, and Erica Valentine, director of the Copper River Program, presented the property title to village president Robert Henrichs and executive director Bruce Cain. This property exchange culminates seven years of Ecotrust and Eyak partnership in various projects.

"The Native Village of Eyak would like to sincerely thank Ecotrust for repatriation of this important land to the tribe. This is a cornerstone we will build on in the future," Henrichs said.

The Mummy Island property is of ancient significance to the Chugach people. It was at various times home to the Shallow Water people, a burial site, and a clam cannery. Picturesque weathered trees overhang a beach strewn with barnacle-covered rocks and clam shells.

As they celebrate the return of the Mummy Island parcel of land, Eyak village plans to culturally preserve the property and use it to create a spirit camp.

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