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Don't blame state GOP

Posted: Friday, January 05, 2001

Virginia Breeze from the Division of Elections asked me to help clarify the record for Juneau residents surprised when the Alaska electors cast their votes for George W. Bush in Anchorage instead of the state capital on Dec. 18.

On Nov. 28, Ms. Breeze advised me, as chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska, of the DOE plan to convene the electors at the Loussac Library's Ann Stevens Room in Anchorage. The space had already been reserved and a potential guest list was being pulled together. The director of elections, who reports directly to Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, is granted authority by Alaska statute to conduct the meeting of electors at the location of her choice. After confirming that this was not a Democrat plan to disqualify our electors, I concurred with the plan.

Lest anyone think that the Republican Party had anything to do with "moving" another capital function north, this call was made by the Division of Elections, which has the legal right to do so.

Republican women did enhance this American Constitutional event with cookies and coffee for the 150 participants.

Randy Ruedrich, Chairman

Republican Party of Alaska

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