Immigrant will be missed

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Come on let's all be for real, you're going to say "Way to go I.N.S." about them getting someone out of Alaska and not even give second thoughts about this gentleman (Ernesto Guillen deportation, Empire, Dec. 28) being taken from his family, and being sent back to Mexico. If you could understand the hardship people have in order to make it in this world today: trying to make a living, putting food on the table for their family, keeping a roof over their head, keeping clothes on their back.

They are human just like us. They have family like us. They have feelings like us. So who are we to tell other's how they should live, and were they should live. As long as they are willing to work, and support their family, what gives us the right to tell them they can't work and live here. Come on. God did not say we cannot live and work here. There is one judge above all, and let me tell you it's not us here on God's green Earth.

So what I am saying is it's sometimes best for you to keep your remarks to yourself about what happens to other people and, honestly, I don't think El Sombrero's going to miss you as their customer. What they will miss is a very good friend. A man who is a father and a husband. Someone with kind words to say. Not someone who is going to give props to INS for taking others' best friend, father, husband, co-worker away.

Put yourself in this man's shoes. Think of how you would feel to be taken away from your family, just because you tried to make a living and a loving home for them. My prayers go out to this family. God bless you and your friends and co-workers. I hope this family will reunite soon.

Annette M. Osborne


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