Jon Robert Leigh-Kendall

Posted: Monday, January 05, 2009

Former Juneau resident Jon Robert Leigh-Kendall died Jan. 1, 2009, in Seattle. He was 62.

Born in 1946 in San Fransico, Calif., he attended Juneau High School, collage in Fairbanks and was drafted in to the U.S. Army, serving in Kent, Wash. He served in Vietnam as a medic.

His grandfather, A.W. Hackwood, brought his family to Alaska in 1922. As the years went by, they all ended up in Juneau. He was a resident there for 20 years. His father, Edward Leigh-Kendall, lived in Fairbanks for more than 20 years. His mother died 10 years ago in Seattle.

He was a member of the Disabled American Veterans.

He is survived by his aunt, Mary Jean Hackwood; brothers, Thomas A Leigh-Kendall, Richard E Leigh-Kendall and Dr. Curtis Mark Jensen; and sister, Kathryn Lewis.

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