No need for ad; we already know SEACC

Posted: Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Those Southeast Alaska Conservation Council "get to know us" advertisements in the Juneau Empire are making me ill. News Flash: SEACC, we know you.

SEACC, you have filed so many lawsuits in past years that we cannot help but know you. You have spent the better portion of that time trying to stop people and businesses from developing a sustainable economy in Southeast Alaska.

You obstructed ethanol development and a veneer plant in the early part of the decade. Who can forget the goshawk debate - that goshawks in Southeast Alaska are unique with a small population, therefore endangered? The development of Kensington mine has occupied you nearly that entire time, challenging every aspect of its revival - from tailings disposal, clean water and ANCSA Land exchanges to obstructing Goldbelt Corp. from building a tiny road and dock on their own property.

You have sued every timber sale except one. Your obstruction of the north Lynn Canal transportation plan and how fast ferries are the solution to the road debate is legendary. The Tongass National Forest has already had three full rounds of debate on the "Road-less Rule," but you have just filed another lawsuit.

You have obstructed Sealaska Corp., unrecognized villages and Native Alaskans from selecting land that is rightfully theirs to select. You have objected to every land exchange that has been proposed from Kake, Shee Atika, Cape Fox and Sealaska.

In 2001, you supported Kootznoowoo's effort to develop Thayer Creek, but in 2005 you obstructed progress because you did not like the studies. If you think SEACC is for a clean, green intertie, think again! An Empire story from October 2000 quoting Aurah Landau explains the organization is not.

No SEACC, we know you; you have been at the forefront fighting development of a sustainable economy here in Southeast. You have driven thousands of our friends and families from Southeast for lack of work. Your efforts are driving the cost of living up for everyone by obstructing transportation and energy infrastructure.

We know you; you are imported and funded by Lower 48 foundations that do not care about the people of the Tongass. Those foundations want policy victories and do not care about the human suffering or refugees their victories create.

Bradley J. Fluetsch


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