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Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2000

The millennium ball was great except for the size and price of drinks, $4 and $4.50 for a drink, which was little more than a shot glass. Two sips and it was gone. I don't mind paying for what I get, but I expect more for my money.

I know where they can put the new Alaska Marine Highway Highway office - on the State Office Building 8th floor balcony. There is a lot of wasted space there. If they could refurbish that and make offices on the balcony and even make a cafeteria for the state workers, that would bring in a lot of new jobs and we wouldn't have to build another building.

In response to the guy who said Eaglecrest is for upper-class white people. Hey, dude, I'm a white-trash, low-class snowboarder and I use it.

Kudos to Sealaska for fighting for Glacier Bay access rights. Shame on the National Park Service for its arrogant way of criticizing Sealaska's actions and questioning its motives.

I was surprised at the reference to race and Eaglecrest. I believe that everyone who goes to Eaglecrest enjoys it.

I was embarrassed by the behavior of one of our elected school board officials and the way he treated the Native community the other evening. His opinion is not the norm. Kudos to Mary Becker, school board member.

I'm tired about all this stuff about privatizing Eaglecrest. I don't have kids, but I pay for your schools. I don't have a boat, but I pay for your harbor. I don't use your public parks, but I pay for those too. I do use Eaglecrest. You can afford to pay a little bit. It's time we look at this together as a community, instead of as a bunch of individuals who don't have to pay for anything they don't use. If that is the case, I should be able to stop paying property taxes.

In response to the caller saying the city should not give tour operators low-interest loans or tax incentives to convert to quiet technology, what are the standards? Will the naysayers make up the standards like they did for the logging and mining industry? Heaven help that industry.

The majority of Eaglecrest patrons are not wealthy by any means. A view of the parking lot shows that. It serves a public need for family recreation. Privatizing it would change it for the worse, just like privatizing the pool, the skate park or the library would.

Let's not bicker about who owns Eaglecrest but be glad it's here and we can have fun.

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