We ought to consider viewpoints of others

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Many will likely respond to young Logan Spencer's letter against the Pledge of Allegiance. Logan, here are my two cents:

It is your choice, guaranteed by the Constitution and traditions of your country, to feel you cannot support your country because we invaded Iraq. For that, I hope you're grateful. I hope you will, however, take the time to learn about the atrocities committed against hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children like you. Look at the contorted bodies of the gassed Kurds, watch the desperate men try to pry access to overpass tunnels and peer into wells because they hoped to find their disappeared family members in hidden dungeons. Saddam Hussein was unable to attack the U.S. directly and imminently. Neither was Hitler able to do so before and during World War II, but our fight to save Europe was equally just.

There are many Jews and Muslims in the U.S. who do not think of God as a Christian God. Nor does everyone live a suburban, green-grass, front-porch, Sunday church kind of life. Ask your history teacher about all the wars in history how many really were fought in the name of a Christian God? I think you'll find many were fought for non-denominational hate and/or greed, that all history has not occurred since Christ and people who had no interest in religions fought wars. In any event, be grateful you live in a country where you can believe in no God and not be persecuted.

You are correct that young people can bring a fresh perspective. It is also true that age can provide perspective, show us that not everyone is like us and sometimes we have to fight to save others from evil. When I was young, I asked my father why we risked our soldiers to save people in other countries. He asked me if I would fight to save him, or a friend, or the neighbor across our fence if they were in danger. Of course I would. Then he asked me how close or far away someone had to live to be worthy of my action.

I hope you can consider others' perspectives. You don't have to accept them all, but I hope you'll consider them.

Lastly, when you're old enough vote!

Karen McCarthy


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