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Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I fussed and fumed when our stingy governor took the Longevity Bonus away from seniors. I had walked up to our stingy governor in the Nugget Mall and shook his hand and told him he was the first Republican I had ever voted for and I was glad he was governor. I take it back. It was a mistake to vote for him, or any stingy Republican for that matter. On my part it will never happen again.

During my 24 years in Alaska I have accepted many a check for business services I provided to a senior who said "thank the Longevity Bonus program, otherwise I could not have done this project." I don't understand the Republican idea of trickle-down economics. If it's OK to give wealthy Americans huge tax cuts so their savings trickle down to the economy, why not keep giving seniors the Longevity Bonus so that too trickles down to the economy?

About the sacred dividend, I stopped applying in the mid-80s when I began to fully realize what a no-good bogus program it is. I stopped applying the year 14 people froze to death on the streets of Anchorage and the state was throwing up its hands and saying there was no money for a shelter. Brother Bob Eaton heard of the Natives' plight down in Seattle and moved up to Alaska where he pretty much single-handedly started the Brother Francis Shelter. I hope the dividend program dries up and blows away soon I won't miss it, it's blood money. And in closing, yes, I am more than willing to pay a state income tax to fund education, social programs and all the needed services that we as a society have come to count on our government for. I'll save apathy for another tirade.

Linda Orr


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