Dogs can be controlled

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Mr. Stephens: I voted for "no restrictions" in the dogs on trails poll. The "most popular" reply in the poll was the best of several poor choices. Apparently you missed the letter in this same space another person wrote while the poll was running detailing this flaw, as well as several better choices that could have been included.

I do agree with one point you make, that of allegedly well-mannered dogs on a leash almost knocking your wife down. If your dog, on a leash or off, is about to knock over someone on crutches in his/her joy at seeing another human being, it is not being "well-mannered" and should go back to puppy school.

Having owned a Siberian Husky and a Golden Lab/Golden Retriever mix, I can say with some experience that big, friendly dogs can be controlled, both off-leash and especially on-leash.

As for the olfactory assault you refer to by inconsiderate pet owners, they are breaking the law by leaving Fluffy's "poodle-bombs" behind. Maybe if the Jeep-bound Pet Patrol, while watching the parks for free-roaming animals, would cite some of these "responsible" pet owners the problem would decrease. Alternatively you could talk to the Clean Air Coalition once their crusade against smokers is finished. Those narrow-minded busybodies will need another target, er, hobby, after all.

Rob Kindred


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