Why is Rings' OK and Potter' not?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I w

as sitting in the theater waiting for the final installment of "The Lord of the Rings" to start a few days ago and behind me four children sat, no more then 12 years old. I overheard these kids talking about the previous "Lord of the Rings" movies and enthusiastically praising different parts. Then one child asked them if the other kids had seen "Harry Potter." To my surprise the response I heard from all of the kids was "No, we're not allowed to." Now I've heard of people thinking magic is wrong to even think about and not liking the books. I've even read that it was taken off the shelves in some schools, only to be put back up. My question to these parents out there is why would you not let your child watch "Harry Potter" but watch "Lord of the Rings" instead? The children also were talking about youth group and church.

Is there a church out there that thinks stories about magic and whatnot are bad? Both movies contain the same "evils" magic, unearthly animals and "Lord of the Rings" has much more gore and violence. Are you concerned because "Harry Potter" is about teaching kids magic? Or is it because it is set in the real world and it's more in your face broomsticks and witches? Please write and inform me of your logic, which I don't understand.

Stuart Ashton


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