Cool reception to cartoon

Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2011

First of all, let me say how much I appreciate having the Juneau Empire as part of my morning routine. There are days when I find less to read than others but, on the whole I appreciate the mix of local, state and national news, and can spend a pleasant hour with it. I am not a “sports fan” but two recent photos of Carlos Boozer have made me proud of him as a “Juneau boy.” They showed him in the midst of tough competition with a huge smile on his face. We should all be so happy in our work.

The Empire’s regular Sunday cartoonist, TOE, is regularly the best I have ever seen, here or anywhere. His ability to skewer politicians, when warranted, is unparalleled, and his tributes to local heroes poignant. (Note: last Sunday’s reproduction was too small and almost unreadable.)

I enjoy the variety of voices on the editorial page and generally find them thoughtful even when I disagree. Today’s editorial cartoon showing a snow-covered cactus with the words “Global Warming?” was a pathetic exception. To publish that in the Empire when we have all seen the Mendenhall Glacier in rapid retreat, on the 4th day of January with the temperature at 40 degrees, in a week when our large dump of snow has been so quickly washed away by the rain, is an insult to your readers’ intelligence. Please use your platform to inform and educate us, not to pander to those who deny reality at the cost of our future.

Judy Crondahl


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