PFD charity drive raises $224,475 so far

Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2011

Organizers say early 2011 Pick. Click. Give. participation figures indicate almost $225,000 has been pledged by Alaskans to qualified non-profit organizations. As of yesterday morning, 81,805 Permanent Fund Dividend applications have been filed online with 2,975 individuals making 4,414 pledges for a total of $224,475, according to the Rasmuson Foundation.

“Alaskans are demonstrating their generous spirit as they increase their use of Pick. Click. Give.,” said Jordan Marshall, a project manager for Rasmuson Foundation, a major supporter of the program. “Right now we are seeing an average participation rate of 3.6 percent, which is more than double than last year’s average rate. This remarkable growth is encouraging for the participating causes that are doing important work in our communities.”

Marshall said Alaskans have a wide range of organizations they can choose to support. They may designate from $25 up to their full dividend to one or more of the Pick. Click. Give. causes when they file online.

“What we are seeing is Alaskans giving an average of $75 and supporting several causes when they file online for their PFD,” Marshall said.

The full list of eligible organizations is found at

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