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Posted: Friday, January 07, 2000

There are really only three small groups in favor of the

proposed building venture up above the city of Douglas. These are the developers themselves, the likely building contractors and their

selected proxies on the assembly and planning commission.

Contrast that with the large and growing number of Douglas

residents who are really honked off by the whole goofy concept.

The city's already using up itsyear 2000 budget by plowing streets without snow. We are in our second day of the plow

scraping bare streets between Ninth and 12th streets and all the side streets. It's awfully noisy here.

In response to

the privatization or closure of Eaglecrest, should we do the same with boat

harbors, docks, buses and the many benefits that seniors in this city enjoy? Not everyone uses all the infrastructure that makes a city special. However, we use enough that we shouldn't complain about those we don't use.

The satellite heliport is intuitively a bad idea, especially inconceivable on an area of the Auke Rec Bypass soccer field and community garden site. This area is due to be a park site, not an alternative landing field in 2000. People will be playing ball and gardening on that site and helicopter landing will be resisted strongly.

Please use return addresses on mail. We're sorry we might have missed somebody's

invitation to an event over the holidays.

Opening an envelope which was empty, there was no return

address, so we could not get in touch with whoever sent it.

Putting people from the cruise ship industry on a committee to recommend use of the head tax is like letting the fox guard the chicken coup.

In regards to privatization of Eaglecrest, I know a lot of people were thinking they were going to set up a hockey rink. If we get a hockey rink it's going to cost us at least another million dollars and maybe another 1 percent on our tax. Eaglecrest is something that's already paid for. If they want to privatize Eaglecrest, then we might as well put another million toward the hockey rink.

I'm not a property owner, just a concerned Douglas residents. The city plans to give away our town to developers through the land swap with the Mental Health Trust Board all the way from Sandy Beach to Crow Hill. Let the assembly know no way to changing our town and our values.

Just a reminder for Huna Totem Corp. shareholders who are interested in the settlement trust. There will be a meeting on Saturday at 10 a.m. in Hoonah followed by a meeting on Sunday at 10 a.m. at Huna Totem Corp. office.

Skagway or bust. Let the road go through. The finance: no trouble. The United States government will pay for one half. Alaska will start drilling a tunnel from Juneau to Skagway and no road maintenance. The gold and silver and other minerals we get out of the tunnel will pay for the rest. Let's go for it, huh?

This is for the pet owners on Moraine Way who let your dogs run and crap in everybody's yard. You're bad neighbors and you're bad pet owners. Somebody will probably take exception to it and harm your animals.

This is a message to the city bus. You drove right past me tonight. I think you guys need to monitor your guys' stops a little more closely. I needed to get to a meeting tonight.

I need to tell the nice lady Kathy who took in the two four-legged escaped convicts on New Year's Eve and kept them for the night and delivered them safely home as I was housesitting that it's still nice to know Juneau people care.

Thanks to the garbage collectors who always do a wonderful job. Watch them hoist those cans with ease and precision.

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