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Posted: Sunday, January 07, 2001

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Last weekend I did not defrost my windshield before leaving home and as a result I almost collided with a car that was driving without its headlights on. From now on, I'll take the time to be safe.

Wake up Juneau. We are being designated a "country cousin" by sly, crafty politicians. The signing of the presidential electoral votes in Anchorage instead of Juneau, still the state capital, is a slap in the face.

Regarding the headline "Tongass made roadless; Knowles vows fight" - Go Tony go.

The person disturbed that a single man with one child got a three-bedroom home should have read the whole story. That man also is trying to get his son's half-brother, who is in foster care. I know that foster child and he is in desperate need of a family. I'm glad the man got that three-bedroom home.

Robert Loescher's Jan. 5 My Turn article might be worth serious consideration if Sealaska Corp. had left a healthy forest and wildlife legacy for future shareholders. Unfortunately, it has not.

The Juneau paper is awful. First, all names should be in the police reports if they're over 18. You let politics decide what's going to be in your paper. You should report the news. You guys should get a new editor or you shouldn't be privately-owned, you should be state-owned or something.

In an effort to create for himself an environmental legacy, President Clinton has decimated our timber, mining, fishing and oil industries.

Tony Knowles was elected governor two years ago, but Robin Taylor is serving in the office. What's the difference between Knowles and Taylor? Not much.

There's so much open space on the eighth floor of the state building, how about letting some vendors come in and put in a juice bar or a taco stand or barbecued chicken stand?

When my friend's car was stolen, the Juneau Police Department would not drive out the road to look for the car because they said it was out of their jurisdiction. Don't they go out there and break up teen drinking parties?

Nice going Forest Service. You studied the Auke Rec area to death. Your solution is to close the road except when the tourists come to town in the summertime. This does not make a lot of sense, but it shows your tourist-oriented, locals-don't-count colors.

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