7 tips to improve your morning moods

Posted: Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dr. Michael Perlis, director of the University of Rochester Medical Center's Sleep Research Lab in Rochester, N.Y., suggests the following tips for a better morning.

1. Always use an alarm, but if you're a deep sleeper, try using more than one or installing a timer on your lights.

2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule - even on days off.

3. Figure out what your sleep need is (i.e., seven and a half or eight hours).

4. Allow yourself enough time in the morning to ease into the day rather than running around frantically.

5. Have a caffeinated beverage in the morning.

6. Take a hot shower when you wake up to increase your core body temperature.

7. Though it's not always possible, having a job that you look forward to is a great motivator in the morning.

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