Mentor Appreciation Month: Big Brother Paul Spangler and Little Brother Sean, matched since Feb. 28, 2009

Posted: Friday, January 08, 2010


Why did you decide to become a Big? "Being a Big is a lot of fun. I had mentors in my own life and I feel really honored to have had those people in my life. It is great to now be able to pass it on."

What do you get out of your friendship with your Little? "I get to do cool stuff; it gets me off my butt and gets me out there being active."

What have you learned from your Little? "Skateboarding - I know a lot more about skateboarding now".

How has your Little benefited from your friendship? "He is also able to get outside. I asked him once what he would be doing if we didn't hangout, and he said that he would be at home watching TV."

Why is mentoring important to you? "I am grateful to be able to pass along the knowledge I gained from my mentors."

What do you and your Little do together? "We go to the movies, zip line, hangout and just throw the Frisbee around."


Why did you want a Big? "I wanted someone to hangout with."

What do you enjoy most about the match? "He is fun to mess around with and go places with."

What has your Big taught you? "What Geotracking was."

What do you and your Big do together? "We like to go on hikes and go to the Big Brothers Big Sisters activities every month."

What are your favorite activities? "I like them all."

Favorite memory? "Last night he come over and gave me a Frisbee and a movie for Christmas!"

Michelle (Sean's mother)

What made you decide to get your child a Big? "So he could have a positive male role model in his life."

What do you admire most about your child's Big? "He is very sincere and genuine; he really listens to what Sean has to say. He really supports Sean and that is awesome."

Why is having a mentor for your child important to you? "I want Sean to know that there are choices and to see a different side of things, like how you can have a lot of fun by doing something simple like playing Frisbee - and you don't need drugs or alcohol."


Are you or someone you know involved with mentoring Juneau's youth? If so,tell us about them. Throughout January the Juneau Empire will spotlight those who are committed to making a positive impact in the children's lives. Send a photo of the person and a brief description telling how they have made a difference to

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