Bad Larry crew keeps it clean in 'Brown Snow'

Film sports footage from Juneau's city streets, Dan Moller

Posted: Friday, January 08, 2010

The latest ski and snowboard film from the Bad Larry Productions crew is a fast-paced, rail-riding, pillow-hopping compilation of shots captured locally, all over the Pacific Northwest and Montana.

Photo By Tyson Voelckers
Photo By Tyson Voelckers

"Brown Snow," which shows tonight at Centennial Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m., was produced in collaboration with 3 Square Circus and Storm Shadow productions and features the riding of Sean Fithian, Josh Rokosch, Mike Bly, Mark Rainery, Donovan Bell, Ashton Fell, Ryan Elliot, Shane Stalling, Jay Neely, Lucas Merli and Luke Thorington. Fithian and Rainery also shot footage and edited the film.

Highlights feature riders cutting through clean white snow, face shots, big air and everything else that makes up what most consider a "good" season on the slopes. It's certainly a contrast to the imagery derived from the title. But Rainery said that's all part of the idea — the end of each season is most often punctuated by melted muck and memories.

"'Brown Snow' was just something that was thrown out there," he said. "(Literally) it's a product of winter. Snowboard and ski movies are made to be consumed every winter and every fall, so I wanted a generic title that summed that up as well."

Rainery, a local rider who joined Bad Larry about four years ago, said the group made a decided effort to improve nearly every part of the movie-making process.

"With filming, we tried to take an extra minute to frame up shots and find a good angle. Editing also took longer," he said. "I mean, it's January, typically it's August when we do this."

But the wait just might be worth it. Rainery said as a result of the group's efforts "the quality of the overall product got better."

And those who check out the show are sure to recognize Juneau's winter playground.

"Of the Alaska footage, there's a lot of the city of Juneau," Rainery said. "Lots of stuff around the streets, some Mt. McGinnis heli footage, Eaglecrest and some stuff shot up around Dan Moller."

Footage was captured on the crew's Panasonic Mini-DV cameras: The DVX-100A and the DVX-100B. Rainery admitted that it's a nice equipment, but already outdated. Regardless, he said the gear produced the "look" he likes.

"I have become pretty familiar with (the camera) over the past four years," he said. "It produces an interesting picture that I enjoy."

Music wise, the soundtrack is one Rainery described as "interesting."

"There's a lot of new stuff that I've never heard of ... Indy-pop stuff that we tried out. Also some underground music," he said.

Overall the film highlights the variety of riding styles that exist within the Bad Larry group.

"There are some who enjoy weird obstacles, so there's a lot of interesting takes on what you'd put a board to," Rainery said. "Then there's your typical mountain shots that everybody's seen, but never get sick of."

Either way, with this winter's lack of precipitation thus far, it's sure to make riders long for the snows of yesteryear.

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