Inside out

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2000

Background noise

Have you noticed the background music on the radio adds for the merged taxi dispatch service? It's Herb Alpert's ``Tijuana Taxi,'' inspired by a fleet of vehicles known for providing services in addition to transportation. Is there an underlying message here?

Alive and kicking

Elvis is coming back from the dead to help arts groups shut out of cruise-ship charity donations. The Orelove Brothers (who are actually cousins) are putting on an arts council fund-raiser Jan. 21 at Centennial Hall with an Elvis impersonator, live from Vegas. There may be a sing-alike contest too. One a few years ago brought some sideburns out of the closet.


The laptop computer of Bob Poe, the state's Y2K remediation chief, went ``cuckoo'' on New Year's Eve. But Alaska's Administration Department commissioner said it wasn't Y2K. It was ``probably Bob Poe operating error,'' he said. ``It took the technician six hours to fix whatever I did.''

Stamps would last longer

A Kodiak woman has a hobby that makes sense for an Alaskan. She collects snowflakes. Marion Owen preserves them in liquid plastic, takes pictures and sells the images. Her chief concern is melting her collectables. ``I work fast and hold my breath,'' she says. And it takes relaxed concentration. ``It's not a two-latte procedure.''

Not enough channels?

Maybe they just saw one too many ``Jerry Springer'' shows. Someone dumped four perfectly good TV sets in a snowbank near Fairbanks. The sets, with an estimated value of $2,400, were probably ditched after they were stolen, troopers say. But we wonder if it wasn't just collective disgust with what's on the tube these days.

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