Give up on road

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2000

I wonder if Sealaska and Mr. Loescher's hearts are truly with the Hoonah Tlingits? Sealaska continues to destroy Hoonah's present subsistence area. Sealaska clearcut approximately 1,500 acres of Old Growth forest in 1999 just in the Hoonah/Port Frederick area. The clearcutting continues even after objections from the people that Sealaska pretends to represent.

Tlingit culture, heritage and the subsistence way of life depend on a healthy old growth forest. This fact has been brought up many times by the Hoonah Indian Association. Sealaska has not responded to any of the resolutions put before them concerning this issue. Is Sealaska using the Glacier Bay issue as a means to gain political clout at the expense of the Hoonah Indian Association and the 600 people that the association represents?

If people are interested in Hoonah's side of the story, I recommend that they read the book ``Tongass'' by Kathy Dwibin, especially Chapters 9 and 20.

Floyd PetersonHoonah

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