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Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2000

I need to tell the nice lady Kathy who took in the two four-legged escaped convicts on New Year's Eve and kept them for the night and delivered them safely home as I was housesitting that it's still nice to know Juneau people care.

Thanks to the garbage collectors who always do a wonderful job. Watch them hoist those cans with ease and precision.

It's interesting to note that the city assembly is going to let the cruise industry decide how the passenger fee is spent. I guess we're a company town after all.

This is for the pet owners on Forest Lane and Forest Grove. Have you ever heard of common sense and common courtesy? Your neighbors do not enjoy listening to your dog bark at all hours of the night. If you can't control your dog, get rid of it. I don't need to hear your mutt yapping all night.

I agree that the city shouldn't have to provide subsidies to make the flight-seeing industry respond to the needs of this community. It's time they put some of their huge profits toward meeting community concerns.

The permanent fund dividend applications went out this week and I think it's wrong for people to be filling out those applications and applying for the dividend for themselves and all their children at the same time they are packing and making plans to move to the sunny south. That's wrong and I don't know if these people realize they could not only lose that dividend, but they could forfeit all the dividends they've collected up to now. Some people just feel they're entitled to it, that they deserve it even as they leave.

For the cable preacher I'm not sure your knowledge of the Bible is as deep as your ability to thumb through the concordance. As far as being impressed by someone's ability to quote scripture, don't forget even the devil can quote scripture.

Maybe they wouldn't have had to charge so much money for the Millennium Ball drinks if they hadn't spent a fortune on the comedian and Frank Sinatra impersonator. No one cared about having outside talent. That was money that didn't need to be spent. Everyone was there to enjoy their friends and neighbors.

I read the editorial in the Sunday, Jan. 2, newspaper and I just want to say that I thought it was excellent. I'm sorry it took me so long to call and tell you that. But I thought the editorial was excellent and it had points in it we should all heed.

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