Most are immigrants

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2005

The majority of our ancestors immigrated from other countries. Reasons of the immigrations are varied. Some were sent here from other countries because of their beliefs. Most came to America because they were rejected by their own country. Some who immigrated here were street scum who stole from others in order to survive and thrive. Some were sent here because they were criminals and their country gave up on them. I ask why the offspring of rejects have the right to deny others to immigrate here? Most have a lot better background and morals than our ancestors who were thrust into this land.

When denying someone the right to live here because of immigration rules, you are disregarding a greater law. The law of humanity. You are denying them the opportunity and fairness that your family had who immigrated here.

They are trying to better themselves. Why are you against this or wanting to put a halt to it?

Pete Rogers wrote on Dec. 31, 2004, "I make a distinction between immigrants and illegal aliens. Immigrants come to this country legally by following properly established laws and procedures."

I am glad Mr. Guillen didn't get to this country through the procedure our ancestors had. The procedure our ancestors used was to be misfits and rejects. Mr. Guillen was supporting his offspring with honest work. When he is deported I hope the ones who are doing the deporting will raise his children and support his wife. You seem to think you can do a better job than Mr. Guillen

Before you deny one a right to live here think back as to how or why you are in America. Why deny one a right to better themselves and be a good part of our community?

I think the only ones who have a right to set the standards to immigration laws are the offspring of the original inhabitants, who were not selfish and wanting to keep the wealth to themselves

Phillip Hotchkiss


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