Dismantling system

Posted: Sunday, January 09, 2005

President Bush is endangering the retirements of millions of Americans with his plan to "reform" (read: "dismantle") Social Security.

The White House has revealed the plan to cut promised benefits to retirees by nearly a third. And these cuts are guaranteed - whether you opt in to the Bush plan or not.

Those entering the work force today will have more than a 25 percent cut in the retirement benefits they may be planning on; for their children, it means a 46 percent cut.

I for one will not stand by and let George W. Bush and the Republicans cut our promised guaranteed retirement benefits - especially when so many of us are counting on Social Security to help us lead a happy, healthy life when we retire.

I write as a veteran of World War II who has found Social Security and Medicare very helpful in my own retirement. And it has not prevented me from making all the stock market investments I am able to afford in the meantime.

Richard K. Heacock, Jr.


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