Posted: Friday, January 09, 2009

Age: 10.

Courtesy of Karen Goodell
Courtesy of Karen Goodell

Grade: Fifth.

School: Harborview Elementary School.

Reason: "I like to write stories and poems because it's fun. I want to be a writer and a storyteller when I grow up."

Experience: "I've been writing since kindergarten. I love reading poems, especially poems that my friends have written."

Future plans: "I like to sing - I'm going to be in the choir. I'm also pretty good at Math."

Her teacher, Karen Goodell says: "Since the moment I met Cherie, I was impressed with how expressive she is. She is very animated when reading aloud. Cherie also enjoys expressing her self through writing, particularly with poetry. She made a book of poems as a Christmas present for her teacher! She is creative and friendly. She takes pride in doing her very best and working hard. Cherie is energetic and enthusiastic."

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